Entropay online casino deposits

Entropay online casino deposits

Prepaid options are great for those who can’t use their preferred payment method at a selected online casino, or for those who enjoy the anonymity and security protection offered. One prepaid option offered at some of our recommended online casinos is EntroPay, and we have all the information you need to know for players who want to use this safe payment method.

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About EntroPay

EntroPay is a prepaid method which sees players open an online account and opt in for a virtual Visa card, meaning you can get the benefits of a Visa without having to enter any credit or debit card information to the online casino you are making a deposit at.

EntroPay was founded in 2000 with the main aim to provide a payment service to those who wish to make online purchases irrespective of their location or credit scores. Three years later it was released as a secure way to pay on the Internet wherever Visa is accepted.

It was the first virtual prepaid card offered in Europe and is now available worldwide, with high standards in terms of fraud detection and account security.

Can USA players use Entropay?

No, unfortunately EntroPay is not available for players from the USA. For alternative payment options, see our USA casino deposits page.

How to get a Visa virtual prepaid card

Opening an EntroPay account is simple – head to the official EntroPay website, click the ‘sign up’ link, fill out the fields, and then fund your account using a bank transfer, or your credit or debit card details.

Available currencies at the time of writing includes Euros, Pounds, or US Dollars, meaning players using other currencies will have to pay a currency conversion fee, and then another fee of 2% when making a deposit to the online casino, so this method may not be worth it unless playing in Euros, Pounds, or US Dollars.

You aren’t charged by the online casino for using this method, just by EntroPay due to the currency exchange rates. There are also fees when funding your EntroPay account, as detailed below.

EntroPay fees

EntroPay charges the following fees:

  • Opening an account: Free
  • Creating an EntroPay virtual Visa card: Free
  • Loading an EntroPay account via bank transfer: 3.95% (funds will take two to five days to appear in account)
  • Loading an EntroPay account via credit or debit card: 4.95% (funds will appear immediately)

If you prefer the anonymity prepaid methods provide, you can simply load your EntroPay virtual Visa card and then use it to make a deposit, as detailed below, or if you don’t have a credit or debit card you can make a bank transfer – you just need to note the fees associated.

Additionally, EntroPay uses high security protocols to protect your information when loading your virtual Visa, and once you have you will have a virtual card which features a card number, expiry date, and three-digit number all available online for you to access and use conveniently.

How to make a deposit with EntroPay

Making a deposit is simple as the method is accepted anywhere the EntroPay logo appears at online casinos, or at any web casino which accepts Visa.

Log into your account – sign up via our links to one of the secure sites listed – and head to the cashier. Here, you will either be able to click the EntroPay logo or on the Visa logo if the EntroPay logo isn’t present.

For either options you will be able to enter your card number, expiry date, the name on card (your name) and the CVV or CVC (three-digit number on the back of your virtual card) all found in your EntroPay online account. This process is the same as when you make a deposit with a credit or debit card, but it will appear on your EntroPay Account statement instead of your personal bank account statement.

Some online casinos will even offer links to the site to sign up if you get to the cashier and find your method isn’t available, to make depositing even easier. There is also the option to store your virtual Visa as you would with Visa credit or debit – all you have to do is enter your virtual Visa’s three-digit code when topping up to make future deposits even quicker.

Can I make withdrawals with EntroPay?

Most prepaid methods do not allow withdrawals, but since EntroPay is an online account with a virtual Visa you can actually make a withdrawal – giving this brand an edge when it comes to prepaid deposit methods.

Simply pick Visa or EntroPay as the withdrawal option and follow the same method – fill out the required fields – as you would when you make a deposit. The funds will appear in your EntroPay account and you can load these back into your personal account via your credit or debit card or via bank transfer, but you will be charged a small fee ($US6/£ 3/€ 4.50) to do so.

Is EntroPay a good prepaid option for online gambling?

There are both benefits and drawbacks to EntroPay as we detail below.

  • Advantages
    • Accepted anywhere Visa is accepted, not just where EntroPay is
    • Easy to set up an account
    • Can speed up deposits
    • Withdrawals can be made
    • Great for anyone who wants the anonymity or for anyone who doesn’t have a credit or debit card
  • Disadvantages
    • Not many currencies are offered, meaning conversion fees apply
    • There are a large number of fees associated with topping up the EntroPay account

It ultimately comes down to what you want out of a payment method and if the fees are worth it.

EntroPay online casinos

As we mentioned above, EntroPay can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Since all our recommended online casinos accept Visa you will be able to click on any of these sites and make a deposit using your virtual Visa card. We highly recommend Raging Bull Casino as the safest and best online casino providing real money services for players from United States.