Live dealer 3 Card Poker

Live dealer 3 Card Poker

Live dealer three-card poker is a classic poker variant streamed to you in real time on your desktop or mobile device. There are only a few secure sites which offer the variant and we detail these below. Three card poker for real money is readily available on the web in live dealer format, with many of the top gambling sites boasting this game. Live dealer Three Card Poker is not as common as other types of pokes, however several of our top software providers have got it available. Continue reading our guide to learn more about live dealer Three Card Poker. The top live dealer 3 card poker sites for May, 2024 are:

United States Best Three Card Poker live dealer casino sites

Best Three Card Poker live dealer casino sites

#1 Raging Bull Online Casino Australia

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#2 casino USA friendly

Online Slots Kings

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#3 BetOnline Casino

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Top live dealer Three Card Poker sites

Playing live dealer three card poker is straight-forward with many of the top real money casino sites boasting this type of game. Three Card Poker live games are supplied by some of the most well-known gambling software companies on the web, including Playtech and Net Entertainment, which both operate in regulated online gambling markets.

The best live dealer casinos with Three Card Poker are accessible via both desktop computer and mobile, although the former is much easier to find and easier to play, in our opinion. Having said this, mobile casinos have made rapid improvements in recent times and you can very much play a satisfactory game of live Three Card Poker via your smartphone or tablet.

The best live dealer casinos also have a plethora of casino banking options, including very well-known ones like Paypal, Visa and Mastercard; although what is available in terms of payments will be dictated by the gambling laws in your specific country.

The top live three card poker sites we promote include:

Play live dealer 3-Card Poker online

evolution gaming 3card poker
Play live dealer 3-Card Poker at All Slots Casino.

Traditionally, three-card poker offers an ‘ante’ and ‘play’ bet which are bets played against the dealer. There’s also the ‘pair plus’ side-bet – a wager on the player’s hand only. An additional bet has been introduced called the ‘six card bonus’ wager, where payouts are awarded based on the best five-card hand out of the combined six cards (player’s three and dealer’s three), which you can find on the live dealer 3-card variants.

Players can find live dealer 3-Card Poker at secure online casinos we’ve detailed above, as each offer Evolution Gaming – the best developer offering the title.

Choose your preferred web casino and sign up – log in if you already have an account – and make your way to the live dealer lobby accessed via the navigational links. Be sure you have money in your account as 3-Card Poker can only be played in real money mode.

Evolution Gaming offers Direct Launch so locate the title and click on it to be taken directly to the table. When you open the table the dealer will appear before your eyes and you will notice the the gaming experience is of very high quality. The layout of the betting interface is easy to use and the rules are easy to understand, live chat with the dealer is available, and most importantly, security measures are of the highest standards.

The minimum bet available is $1 and the maximum is $5000.

How to Play 3CP

3card poker by evolution gaming
Place your bets on the virtual table.

Playing against a live dealer is very similar to playing 3CP operated by random number generator software (RNG computer-based games), but with the live game we have the great benefit of ourselves being able to see cards being dealt and shuffled.

While RNG software at the top online casinos is always tested for fairness by independent gaming authorities before being approved, many players enjoy the assurance of watching a real person in control of the game. Additionally, not all RNG 3CP games offer the ‘six card bonus’ side bet. The game is played with a standard single deck of 52 cards (no jokers).

Betting: Players must place either an ‘ante’ bet, a ‘pair plus’ bet, or a ‘six card bonus’ wager, a combination of the three options, or all three wagers, before being dealt any cards
The Deal: Players are dealt three cards face up. Those who have placed the ‘ante’ bet now have the choice to either ‘play’ against the dealer or fold. Optimum strategy suggests the player should place the ‘play’ bet if his/her hand shows a Queen, Six and Four or better.

If no ‘ante’ has been placed, the hand is resulted according to specific paytables (see below) for any successful ‘pair plus’ and/or ‘six card bonus’ side stakes. If only a ‘pair plus’ wager has been placed, the dealer hand is irrelevant. If a ‘six card bonus’ wager has been placed, the dealer hand is of significance (see the side bet section below for further ‘six card bonus’ wager rules).

If the ‘play’ wager is placed, the dealer is dealt three cards and qualifies if he/she has a hand of a Queen high or better. If the dealer hand is less than this, then no action on the ‘play’ wager is taken, and player ‘ante’ wagers are paid out 1:1. If the dealer does qualify, hands are compared, and if the player hand wins, both the ‘ante’ and ‘play’ bets are paid out 1:1, but if the player hand loses, both bets are lost. A tie results in a push.
The ‘ante bonus’ payscale shown here is used for player hands of a straight or better (if the player has placed the ‘ante’ and ‘play’ bet). This is a bonus payout on top of any other winnings, does not require an additional wager, and is referred to regardless if the player beats the dealer or not.

Live Dealer Three Card Poker Side Bets

live dealer 3 card poker by evolution gaming
Players can place side bets in live 3-Card poker.

Here is a brief run-down of the two side bets offered in live dealer three card poker:

The ‘pair plus’ side bet is paid out according to a payscale only if the player holds a pair or better. It loses if the player has less than a pair. This bet is independent and resulted regardless of the dealer’s hand. The payscale to your left is courtesy of the All Slots Live Dealer Casino 3CP game, and this scale is generally the same across all 3CP games (some do not offer the mini royal pay out).

The ‘six card bonus’ side bet is also paid out according to a specific payscale, and the one shown to your left is also the one followed at All slots Casino, and at most other online 3CP games which offer this wager. Again, this bet is independent and resulted regardless of the dealer’s hand. Like Texas Hold’em, this wager is based on the best five card hand, and makes use of any of the six cards (three player cards and three dealer cards) shown on the table. For example:

  • The player shows the following hand: 7 of Diamonds, 10 of Spades and K of Spades.
  • The dealer shows the following hand: K of Hearts, 4 of Clubs and K of Diamonds.

The dealer beats the player when comparing who has the better hand, however, if the ‘six card bonus’ bet was placed by the player, the player would win with three of a kind and get a 7:1 payout.

For a step-by-step guide to how to play three card poker, correct strategy, house edge and combinations and probabilities of each hand, read our How to Play 3CP Guide.