Real money blackjack

Real money blackjack

Blackjack is the best online casino game you can play for real money. Playing twenty-one lets you control the wins and losses better than any other option in the casino (with the possible exception of video poker.) The house edge is lower than it is in other games, so the chances are better you walk away with money. Even if you lose, the cash you’re likely to lose isn’t anywhere as much as you would for comparable bets on the pokies, keno, or roulette.

United States Best real money online blackjack sites

Best real money online blackjack sites

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Punters who play this game for real cash need to understand a few things before they begin. On this page, we’ll discuss what you need to know to be a smart blackjack player. We’ll offer tips on choosing the right tables and using the proper strategy. When finished, you’ll have the tools you need to be a successful 21 gambler.

The Casino Always Has the Edge

No matter how good of a player you are, the casino is going to have the advantage over you most of the time when playing blackjack. Don’t let the idea that this is the best game in the casino confuse you. At the end of the day, the casino still holds a house edge. It’s just that the house edge is around 0.50%, meaning you would expect to win $99.50 for every $100.00 you wager. If you were playing the pokies, you would expect to lose $5 to $10 if you wagered a hundred dollars. In either case, you expect to lose more than you wager. Don’t assume you have the casino at a disadvantage.

Basic Strategy Is Important

If you don’t learn basic blackjack strategy, the house edge goes up significantly. Play the game without knowing the right moves and you’ll probably add 3.0% or more to the house edge. Basic strategy is a set of moves for every possible card combination you hold and the dealer shows. These scenarios are played out in computer simulations and the best percentage move is produced. A chart or table is used to show players when to hit, when to stand, when they should double down, and when they should split pairs. If a gambler performs these moves at the right time, they get the full expected return. If they don’t, then they leave money on the table. Basic strategy maximizes your return, but you still won’t have an advantage.

Positive Expectation Is Possible

Card counters expect to win more than they lose, but this only applies in land-based casinos. If you gamble online, card counting doesn’t work. Hands are reshuffled every new deal, so counting cards has no effect on the game in an online game. In a brick-and-mortar casino, you have a chance to win if you use basic strategy and card counting in unison. The problem is, the casino management knows this, and they don’t allow card counting in their venue. That doesn’t mean it’s illegal–card counting is legal. What it does mean is that a casino can refuse to allow anyone to play. If you use your knowledge of the game to establish an advantage at blackjack, you’ll be watched and harassed and you might be asked to leave the casino. If so, you may go on a blacklist, so you might not be admitted to other establishments.

How to Win by Counting Cards

We won’t go into great detail about card counting, but what it does is count the number of high cards in the deck versus the number of low cards in the deck. When more high cards are in the deck, you have the advantage. If you bet large amounts more in these situations, you gain a positive expectation. This betting pattern is suspicious to the dealers and pit bosses, though. If you usually bet $5, but you suddenly wager $100 on several hands in a row, this raises red flags. To be a good card counter, you have to appear to be an absent-minded high roller who is profligate with your money. This isn’t easy to do when you’re also keeping a count in your head (which is simple enough). That’s why casino employees might be sent to distract you with conversation. All in all, it isn’t easy to do, so most amateur players prefer to learn basic strategy and be satisfied with a low house edge.

Use Money Management

Learn a little bit about money management, but don’t expect it to give you an edge. What money management does is get you to thinking about saving as much money as possible. A win goal means you walk away from the table while you’re ahead. If you get lucky, you don’t keep playing until the luck goes away. A loss limit saves you money when you get unlucky. If you’re having a losing session, a loss limit tells you to get away from the game before you lose more than you should.

The idea of bankroll management is a good one, too. A bankroll is an amount of disposable money you can lose without it hurting your bank account or credit rating or limit your ability to pay your monthly bills. All these ideas are good ones. Just don’t assume these helpful tips will make you a winning player.

Always Play 3:2 Blackjack

Never play games in which the blackjack pay 1:1 or 6:5. If you do, you’re playing with some of the worst rules for your bankroll’s health. When you play 3:2 blackjack, you win 150% of what you wagered when you receive a natural twenty-one. This is the biggest payout in the game, so you need to maximize the profit when receiving these cards. If you get a lesser payout, then the odds go down dramatically. The 1:1 or 6:5 blackjack tables are often combined with a single deck game. Players read that single deck blackjack is a good game, so they get tricked into playing an inferior form of the game. Don’t get tricked.

Play Single Deck Blackjack

That isn’t to say you should avoid the 1-deck game. If you find these rules and you still get paid 3:2 on the blackjack, this is a game you should probably play. Other rules can adversely affect your chances, but these are a couple of these best rules you can play under.

Don’t Take Insurance

Insurance is a chump bet about 98% of the time. Only card counters who know what they’re doing might find the occasional situation where they should use the insurance side bet. If you’re a new player, just assume that insurance is bad 100% of the time.

Best Online Blackjack Sites

For the best odds and the lowest house edge, play real money blackjack online at our top-rated casino sites listed in the table above. We recommend Raging Bull Casino as the top-rated online casino for players from United States, which has some excellent welcome bonuses available upon sign-up, along with a great range of blackjack variants and other casino games, with no downloads needed.