Aristocrat pokies

Aristocrat pokies

Aristocrat pokies have been popular in Australian land-based casinos for decades, but now gamblers can play their virtual machines online. The company was founded in 1953 by Len Ainsworth and became the leading Aussie poker machine producer. Aristocrat Gaming is now found in over 200 countries worldwide. It employs 2,200 employees across a host of nations. Only IGT out of the United States is a bigger producer of brick-and-mortar gaming machines.

While the company is known for its EGM business, in the past few year, Aristocrat has expanded its business into the online market. Punters now can enjoy their favourite games on their computers at home. Below is a list of some of their most popular game titles.

Queen of the Nile

Queen of the Nile is one of the company’s most influential games. All the Ancient Egypt and Cleopatra-themed poker machines on the market today steal ideas from the original Queen of the Nile console. The game was popular enough to spawn a Queen of the Nile 2, while the original game is now playable in an online format. It has 5 reels and 20 pay-lines, along with 15 free spins. This bonus can be re-triggered to provide a total of 30 free spins. One of the popular features is a minor progressive and a major progressive.

Tiered Jackpot Games

One of the novel features of Aristocrat games is the multi-tiered jackpots dynamic. When you activate the bonus round, you have the ability to activate one of four tiers of bonuses. The better you do on the bonus game, you rise through the tiers. This is common in multiple title the company has designed and marketed, so when I talk about pokies which resemble Queen of the Nile or not, often that is what’s being discussed.

Dolphins Treasure

Dolphins Treasure is quite similar to QotN, though the aquatic theme is such a departure you might not spot the parallels at first. The major difference is the inclusion of a large fixed jackpot of 150,000 coins.

50 Lions

50 Lions is a 5 reel, 50 line game which offers wild symbols, scatter symbols, and a free spin mode. Coin denominations range between $0.01 and $4.00. You’ll find fixed jackpot and progressive versions of the game. Symbols include a lion stacked wild symbol and diamond scatter icon, which are the two most important symbols on the game. Other themes include night on the Serengeti Plain, African peoples, an African flower, trees, a zebra, elephants, and a camel are other reel symbols of note.

Fifty Lions has attained status in the pop culture since it first appeared in casinos in 2003. An Australian punk band borrowed the name for their musical act in 2005. Since then, the band has released 6 albums.

50 Dragons

Based on the popularity of 50 Lions Pokies, Aristocrat has produced a similar game called “50 Dragons”. The theme is the Chinese dragon and it’s designed to appeal to Asian poker machine players. The art and graphics have the same high quality as the original game. In fact, if you like fantastical creatures as opposed to real life animals, you might prefer the artwork on 50 Dragons. This is one of the most popular poker machines you’ll find in Macau these days. Go to the Macau Venetian and you’ll have a hard time not running into Fifty Dragons game boxes. As of 2012, online gamblers also can play the game on in Internet. Though the theme might be different, game play is quite similar. Gamblers will love the 243 different ways to win the game.

5 Dragons

I want to mention this game, because it is not a scaled-back version of the previous title. Five Dragons does have a 243-ways slot dynamic, so players receive lots of action. In many ways, veteran players might compare the title to Queen of the Nile 2 or Lucky 88. The icons are based on stylized Chinese animals, such as the five-dragon symbol, the turtle, the mythological fish, and the door guardians known as men-shen (or guardian lions or “foo dogs”). Not every online gambler in the world will be able to play this game, because of special licensing deals Aristocrat has with online sites.

Big Red Game

Big Red Game Pokies features animals native to Australia, like the kangaroo and the crocodile. The game also features a 97.04% payback percentage, making it one of the best games to play online, if you’re only concerned about the bottom line. The trigger symbols only appear on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th payline. That causes some punters to be critical of the game, but it’s a good rule of thumb in the poker machine industry that the fewer bonus features a game has, the lower its house edge. Big Red Poker Machines might bore some people at first, but it’s one of those games which impresses the more you play it.

Reel Power

Reel Power is an innovative game players who’ve grown bored with the same old game dynamics should try. Instead of paying to activate more paylines, like you would in a standard slots game, in Reel Power you pay more to trigger extra reels. The bonus reel acts as a multiplier. If a special symbol appears on this reel, winnings on the standard reels will be multiplied.

Lady Luck – Bonus Back Games

Lady Luck, Mr Cashman, Zorro, and Lucky Devil are from a line of bonus back games. When you trigger the bonus mode, you’ll be able to choose from one of four different bonus games.

Superbucks III – Penguin Pays

Two games which differ radically from the Queen of the Nile Series are the Penguin Pays and Superbucks III. In these games, when a special symbol is hit, such as the bonus penguin in Penguin Pays, you win a jackpot.

More Games from Aristocrat

If you’re looking for more top games from this Australian EGM company, take a look at titles like L’il Lucy, Enchanted Forest, Foxworthy Slots, Cash Express, MKVI, and Dollar Storm. While these might not have the profile some of the games I’ve discussed above have, each has its own share of admirers.

Aristocrat Technology produces about 90% of the brick-and-mortar poker machines in Australia, so dozens of its games are going to be familiar to Aussie gamblers. If you have nostalgia for the pokies you’ve played in the pubs and clubs all these years, find an online casino powered by Aristocrat Technology and see if they have an Internet version of the game you remember.