Is roulette a good game for beginners?

Is roulette a good game for beginners?

Roulette is really an ideal game for casino beginners, even if you are completely new to the game it takes hardly any time to pick up the roulette basics so you can get right into the swing of things quickly. Here is an overview of how roulette is very beginner-friendly and why it is perfect for players new to the casino scene.

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Roulette has straightforward rules

RouletteFirst and foremost it is very easy to understand how the game of roulette is played. In short, you place your bets on the playing table, betting whatever combination of chips you wish, then the dealer will spin the roulette wheel and if you’re lucky and the ball landed where you thought it would you will be awarded your winnings.

The game of roulette really is that simple, and it is very easy for people to pickup, especially if they watch a couple of rounds. Before you know it you’ll be ready to get involved in the roulette fun yourself.

In other casino games there are strategies you can and should learn if you’re playing with real money, however this isn’t the case with roulette. There is no way to better your chances, unlike games like blackjack, so new players don’t need to be overwhelmed with the pressure of learning strategies.

When learning a new game it’s never fun being bogged down learning complex rules, but when you’re learning to play roulette you don’t have this problem. It’s so easy to pick up you can get to having fun straight away.

Roulette is luck-based, not skilled-based

Certain casino games, like blackjack or poker, have luck and skill elements to them. Although you can’t control what cards you’re dealt in either of these games having a good understanding of the game and employing the right strategies can certainly better your chances.

Roulette on the other hand is entirely luck based. There are no moves you can make in roulette that will alter the outcome of the game, where the ball lands has nothing to do with anything you do. This is perfect for beginners; a brand new player and a very experienced player have exactly the same odds of hitting a win.

You don’t need skill, strategies or experience to succeed in roulette, which is very appealing for someone new to the game who may be intimidated by other casino games and just wants to ease themselves in a simpler one first.

The game is flexible

Even though there are no strategies, per say, that you have to learn, memorise and implement, there is style a lot of scope in roulette to find a way of playing that suits your betting style. This is great for new players because they are not forced into a style of playing that they are unfamiliar with and/or uncomfortable with.

For instance if you are a more conservative player partaking in a game of roulette you can simply stick with betting on red or black, or odds or evens. These are less risky bets to place with smaller payoffs if you’re successful, but if you are naturally a more reserved player you may prefer playing this way. If you are a bolder player you can place bets on rows of numbers or single individual numbers. These are much riskier bets as there is a much slimmer chance they will happen however there is definitely a greater reward if the ball lands where you want it to. In roulette there are plenty of betting options so high roller players and safer players can find a playing style that fits them without having to have too much extensive knowledge of the game.

Free practice play roulette on the Web

Roulette Royale Progressive Jackpot GameRoulette is one of the oldest and most popular casino games so there are an abundance of places for a new roulette player to practise their game. We recommend practising roulette online because there are plenty of free games and you don’t have the pressure of other live players if you’re a bit unsure of what you’re doing. When playing online you determine the pace of the game and you don’t have anyone distracting you from what you’re doing.

Since roulette is so popular any major virtual casino will have at least a few different roulette variants that you can play for free. For a premium gaming experience we recommend you visit any of our recommended Internet casinos in the table rankings above.

All of these Web casinos have top quality roulette titles that you can play for free. When you feel like you have practised enough and want to start playing for real money you can transition to real money play completely hassle-free at these online casinos. They all have safe and secure banking options and very generous welcome packages and promos that reward you for playing with real money.

Newbies can try online roulette for free in practice mode at Raging Bull Casino, our top-rated casino site for players from United States. If you like what you see, move on to play for real money and you’ll get some excellent new player welcome bonuses.