Online blackjack for Australians

Online blackjack for Australians

While the online blackjack environment is not as safe as it used to be for Australians there are still many gambling sites willing to accept players from down under. While there is no locally regulated blackjack sites available in 2019, there are still many online casinos that accept players from Australia and have both random number generated blackjack games and live casino games available. This article will teach you the rules of online blackjack and where to play blackjack online from Australia in 2019.

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Blackjack rules and how to play

If you are looking to learn how to play blackjack from Australia, we recommend learning online. Not only are you in the privacy of your own home where there are no distractions unlike land-based casinos, but you won’t be intimidated by experienced players and you can learn the rules properly. This article the best online blackjack for Australians will teach you everything you need to know to successfully play blackjack on the web.

There are a large number blackjack titles available at Internet casinos, including the list of top online casinos we have included below, which means there are going to be a wide number of rule variations. However, we have a general overview of the rules which apply to nearly all titles, and have also included some possible rule inclusions for many popular variants.

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If you can count to 21, you will be able to grasp the premise of the game quite simply – the main aim in blackjack is to create a total hand of 21. Cards are ranked, two through to 10 are valued as their face value, while picture cards all have a value of 10, and the Ace can value either one of 11 depending on the hand.

Players need to place their bets to kick off the game, with many titles offering a minimum of $1, sometimes lower, and a maximum as high as $5000 on VIP variants.

Players are then required to click ‘Deal’ and the cards will be dealt out on the screen – with both cards facing upward for the player but just one facing up for the dealer. The numbers are clear to see and the software even totals the hand value for you (something you won’t get at a land-based venue) so you can focus on your next move.

The next move ultimately depends on the variant you are playing, but as a general rule the following options available:

  • Hit: All titles will have this option. To Hit means you will receive another card and you continue to do this until you bust or until you choose to stand.
  • Stand: Another action all titles will have. To Stand means to end your turn, where you won’t receive anymore cards.
  • Split: This action is available for most titles. If you have two cards which have the same value you can split these into two separate hands. You will Hit and two cards will be dealt – one to each card to create the two hands. You may then be able to receive another card for each hand if you choose to Hit, or end your turn if you choose to Stand (or Stand on one Hand and Hit on the other). Some variants have the rule if you’ve landed two Aces and have been able to Split the two, you may only be able to receive a card for each hand before your turn is terminated.
  • Double Down: This action is available for most titles. To Double Down means to receive just one more card on your two card hand and then end your turn in exchange for doubling your initial wager.
  • Surrender: Some variants offer this action. There are two options when it comes to the Surrender action. There is the Early Surrender where players Surrender after the cards are dealt but before the dealer checks their cards, or there is the Late Surrender where the dealer has checked for Blackjack. Both options see the dealer take your hand and you receive half your initial bet back.
  • Insurance: This action is available on some variants. Insurance on the dealer having Blackjack can be taken at the price of half your initial bet if the dealer’s card facing upward is an Ace. If this is the case you win the Insurance bet, but lose your initial wager. This bet has a high house edge of about 12% so we recommended avoiding it.

Additionally blackjack side bets can be made such as Perfect Pairs, Lucky Ladies, etc, depending on the variant, but it is best to stick to basic gameplay until you get the hang of things.

Once you’ve acted on your hand and finished, by either standing or busting, the dealer will reveal their upcard, and then act on it. If you receive a blackjack with your first two cards your hand will end and you will be paid out.

Some online blackjack variants require the dealer to hit on 16 but stand on all 17s in which case they will, otherwise they will play until they bust or receive 21.

Results are determined and if you received 21 or beat the dealer with a higher total hand value you will be paid out accordingly and you can then opt to play again or leave the table.

Blackjack basic strategy

We recommend new players learn basic blackjack strategy as soon as possible. The basic strategy is a chart which has been created using statistics, offering the best move to make in association to the dealer’s upcard.

By playing the basic strategy, you can lower the house edge quite significantly.

However, it is important to note you need to find the exact rules, number of decks in play, and whether or you can Split, Double Down, Insurance is available etc., as if you play the wrong basic strategy in association to the title’s rules, you could end up increasing the house edge instead.

Blackjack strategy

Safe Australian online casinos

If you are just new to blackjack, but not online gaming, then you will know Australian online casinos which have third party accreditation are verified as safe and secure for players to make real money deposits.

While we can no longer just assume a casino is safe because it has accreditation from the UK or Malta, the casinos that do still accept Aussies, post IGA update, are still regulated but they will have their seal of approval from places like Curacao instead. With the Curacao licensing hardly the most credible (try contacting them) the best way to tell if a online blackjack site for Aussies is safe, is to read reviews and player experiences before taking the plunge. We believe the following websites are the best for Australian online blackjack:

Mucho Vegas: Evolution Gaming live blackjack games and a stack of RNG blackjack titles has put Mucho Vegas firmly in the conversation as a top blackjack site for Australians. Read the Mucho Vegas review.
Mucho Vegas Casino

Kahuna Casino: A sister site to Mucho Vegas, Kahuna Casino is one of the premier blackjack sites for Australians. Has got both live games and RNG titles, plus some really nice promotions surrounding online blackjack. Kahuna review.

Gunsbet: Another top online blackjack casino with this one having the best most live blackjack titles out of any casino still servicing Australia. If you’re looking for a great options to play online blackjack from Australia, could be for you. Read the Gunsbet casino review.
Gunsbet Casino