Bingo strategy

Bingo strategy

Some players might think the term ‘bingo strategy’ is an oxymoron, but there are things that housie fans can do to increase their chances of winnings. At the very least, the bingo tips provided in this article will make you feel like a smarter player, and your overall level of enjoyment should be increased as a result.

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The roots of bingo stretch back several centuries, and throughout this time people have been searching for ways to get an advantage over the competition. However, the game is predominately based on sheer luck, which means a large number of advantage players have been left frustrated and ready to pull out clumps of their hair.

Below, I have compiled some of the best ways to win at bingo. I suggest you try each of them, as you always have the option of discarding any that don’t work to your satisfaction. With a little luck, you may find yourself yelling out “Bingo” more than usual.

Winning Strategies for Bingo

Some of the bingo tips listed in this article are common sense, while the rest have been picked up through years of playing at bingo halls throughout Australia. A number of these suggestions are meant to make your gaming session more efficient, while others can improve your chances of winning by a few percentage points.

Avoid the Crowds – If you like to play at land-based bingo halls, I suggest finding those that are less crowded. This might mean that the prizes aren’t as large, but you’ll be facing less competition. When a roomful of people are competing for a small group of numbers, you can be certain that half the players are going after the numbers on your ticket. With a reduced crowd, there’s a decent chance that you’ll have certain winning spaces all to yourself. This strategy can be more difficult to employ online, unless the site lists the number of participants for each game.

Avoid Crooked Sites – I’ve played at a number of bingo sites over the years, and I’ve found the majority of them to be fair. However, there are always a few scam sites out there looking to take your money without giving anything back. While choosing a fair site won’t make you a winner, it does prevent you from losing money unnecessarily.

There are plenty of options available, but I’ve always had good luck with True Blue Bingo. The site is powered by Microgaming, which is one of the top software gaming developers on the planet. In addition, they have an excellent reputation for paying winners on time and making every effort to address any customer questions or concerns.

Become Proficient at Bingospeak – Most hobbies have their own distinct terms that devoted players use with one another, and bingo is no different. I don’t know if there’s a proper term, but I like to refer to it as “bingospeak.” Learning all the important terms can be a big help when interacting with other players, whether it’s at a brick-and-mortar location or using an online chat feature. This won’t improve your chances of walking away a winner, but it will make it easier to develop new friendships and have more fun.

Be Careful with Your Dabber – Here’s another piece of bingo strategy that’s more about enjoyment than actually winning. When you’re playing at a land-based bingo hall, always make sure to gently mark the ticket with your dabber. Since these handy devices are often cheaply made, there’s a good chance that they can begin to leak if you’re too rough with them. That can lead to a real mess, and an otherwise winning ticket can be wiped out by an unfortunate accident.

Build Good Karma – If you believe in karma, then you acknowledge the fact that all actions have consequences on our future well-being. With that in mind, I suggest always being humble when you end up the winner, and never be a bad sport when you lose. I’ve even known winning players who give out a few dollars to the people sitting near them, with the idea being that these individuals should do the same if they win. Remember: what goes around comes around. Even if you don’t subscribe to the notion of karma, behaving as if it does exist should lead to your becoming a more popular player.

Keep Tickets to a Reasonable Level – Playing a round of bingo with multiple tickets provides you with several ways to win, but it can easily get out of hand. The matching numbers have to be located and marked on each card or ticket, and this becomes more difficult with each one you’re playing. I suggest using no more than two or three per game, although the threshold may differ with each individual.

Enjoy Yourself – The most important piece of bingo advice I can give is to have a good time. It’s only a game, after all, and players who are fixated on winning money are probably approaching the hobby from the wrong direction. As long as you only play with money you can afford to lose, even an unlucky player can finish a session with a smile on their face.

Look for Extras – At land-based bingo parlours, you simply buy your tickets and play the game. Online bingo, however, offers a number of additional options depending on where you play. Always take advantage of these promotions and special offers when they become available, as they can wind up saving you money or creating a greater sense of enjoyment. Online halls offer linked games, rebuys, special jackpots, and the always-popular chat feature.

Bingo strategy can often prove difficult for players, as the game comes down to locations on a ticket being drawn at random. Like any game, however, the player can either hurt or help themselves by choosing to adhere to certain modes of conduct. It’s still impossible to consistently win at the game, but even a modest increase in success can brighten a player’s day. In the end, that should make all the effort worthwhile.