Top 5 gambling songs

Top 5 gambling songs

If you were asked out of the blue what your personal top five favourite gambling songs were, out of the blue, you’d probably be stumped. Surely there aren’t that many songs made about gambling? But our team, who lives and loves all things gambling, has a different answer.

These are our prized gambling songs picks, which we chose because we think they mean something to the casino world and its players.

1. ‘Iko Iko’ by the Belle Stars

This catchy tune was a famous New Orleans song in the 60s, but that association with the song was taken over by the iconic film ‘Rain Man’. One of the most memorable scenes in the film is when Raymond, AKA Rain Man, descends with his brother down an escalator to the casino floor. The two brothers are in matching, chic, grey suits and ‘Iko Iko’ by the Belle Stars is playing as the mismatched duo take on the casino and begin their rampage of counting cards. We think ‘Iko Iko’ has come to represent players heading to a brick-and-mortar casino with confidence and an underlying excitement.

The song even made it to the film ‘The Hangover’ with a homage scene where Alan goes down the elevator in a grey suit, holding himself in the same awkward manner that Raymond did, with ‘Iko Iko’ playing. The casino is widely recognised as the anthem of casino goers in Las Vegas, which is why it makes it into our ultimate Top 5 List.

2. Classic Piano Jazz Music

Sure, this isn’t one specific song, but we think you know just the kind of music we’re talking about. It’s the kind of calming, tinkling piano music that’s a little jazzy and adds a classy vibe to wherever it’s being played. It’s normal just a piano playing solo, it’s nothing jarring, or loud or fast-paced. It’s soothing without being boring and we think these songs represent gambling and casinos perfectly.

Classic piano jazz solos are commonly found in the foyers of deluxe, 5-star hotel/casino lobbies in places like Vegas and elsewhere. You’ll also find this music very often in online, virtual casinos, particularly if you’re playing classic casino games like blackjack, baccarat and roulette – and playing non-gimmicky versions of these games. We think a relaxing piano instrumental is a spot on embodiment of the casino experience, online or offline, in music.

3. ‘Waking Up In Vegas’ by Katy Perry

‘Waking Up In Vegas’ certainly isn’t a song about triumphing in gambling, but we do think it’s a great gambling song because it’s fun, it’s catchy and it portrays how enticing and potentially perilous gambling can be. In the song Katy Perry sounds regretful about all her gambling and other marital shenanigans that happened last night in Las Vegas, yet she still sounds like she had an awesome and enthralling experience.

Gambling can be so thrilling it’s mesmerising, and it is the kind of activity you can get carried away with, we think ‘Waking Up In Vegas’ captures the captivating nature of gambling. In the song the pop-star portrays the glitzy and glamorous side of Las Vegas, whilst also showing how easy it is to get swept up in the excitement of this environment. Las Vegas, arguably the gambling haven, certainly does have its hazards and traps too.

4. ‘Luck Be A Lady’ by Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra really shows off the very best of his vocals in ‘Luck Be A Lady’. It’s a schmoozy song and Sinatra’s crooning voice suits the pleading theme of the song to a tee. The song, which was originally made for a film set in a casino in the 1950s, is about a gambler begging that his luck tonight “act like a lady”. In the song Sinatra sings:

“A lady never leaves her guy,

It isn’t fair, it isn’t nice,

A lady doesn’t wander all over the room,

And blow on some other guy’s dice.”

Nowadays this might sound a bit sexist, but when you take it in the context of a gambler trying to woo his luck it makes sense. Of course when you’re playing craps you want your luck to stay by your side and keep you company. The thought of your luck abandoning you is enough to make any player sad. Since it hits these key sentiments we have to put Sinatra’s song on our top five list. Plus it makes the cut because of its beautiful 50s style.

5. ‘Take A Chance On Me’ by ABBA

At first this mightn’t seem like a gambling song – but love is a gamble! The song title ‘Take A Chance On Me’ is sung countless throughout the song, because it’s true when you’re trusting someone with you’re heart it isn’t necessarily a sure thing. Having said that there can be massive pay-offs when you do take that risk, and roll the dice and put yourself out there. That’s pretty much what the song is about, taking the biggest gamble of all!

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