Fast-fold poker

Fast-fold poker

Waiting around for a hand in poker can leave us feeling irritable, bored, and can waste our time. A solution to this is fast-fold poker, a quick-paced variant rising to the forefront of online poker rooms.

Known as Rush, Blaze, Snap, Instant, Zoom, and many more synonyms for fast, you can now speed up game-play by jumping tables after folding. We take a look at this fast-paced game and where you can find it online.

What is fast-fold poker?

Fast-fold poker is an online variant available in top poker rooms. Players are dealt their first hand at their first table. From here, you can either continue the game or fold. As soon as you do and the second bet is made you are moved to the next table and dealt another hand instantly. So while other variants see you waiting at a table for your turn to fold – and even fold three more times before the action comes your way – in fast-fold poker, you’ve already played a number of hands.

This speeds up the pace, and eliminates those players who let the clock run down before making their move. You can even learn more strategies and tips playing poker this way.

You can find fast-fold poker in both Cash Game and Tournament formats in the downloadable poker client.

Play Rush Poker at Full Tilt

Rush poker at Full tilt

Rush Poker is Full Tilt’s version of fast-fold poker and offers the Quick Fold button to fold before the action even gets to you. Standard rules apply, and you are moved to a new table with a new hand when you’ve folded on your previous hand. It is important to note Rush poker doesn’t start until the table is full.You can also play multi-table Rush Poker – but this isn’t for the faint hearted. Find out what else Full Tilt offers by reading our review here.

Play Zoom Poker at PokerStars

PokerStars zoom poker

Zoom, similarly to the aforementioned titles, sees players moved to a new hand and table immediately after they fold. Anytime you are facing a bet you can choose to fold, or ‘Fast Fold’ which allows you to do so even before it’s your turn.You can find it applied in Hold’em, Omaha and more – and you can even try it out in free play mode.

Sign up for Zoom Poker here.

Fast-fold poker strategy

Due to the frantic pace of fast-fold poker, a new strategy is required when playing. We have a few tips to keep in mind when getting amongst the fast-paced action.

Use Quick Fold to learn about your opponents

The best part about fast-fold poker is if you raise your hand early you can tell how good your opponent’s hand is if they take time to call or re-raise. This is because they would’ve used the Quick Fold option if it wasn’t worth it – especially in such a fast-paced game. You can generally tell if they have a good hand.

Increase your blinds steals

Since opponents are changing so regularly it can be hard to pick up a pattern in gameplay – but you can use this to your benefit when in a late position.

Stealing blinds is a good idea as no one will be able to tell, as they would in standard games. Additionally, opponents won’t be as keen to uphold weak blinds due to a new hand coming up quickly. It becomes easy to rob the blinds since everyone’s strategy is just to wait for a quality hand due to the fast nature of the game.

Don’t bother with tricky plays

There’s no time to waste when playing fast-fold poker, so there’s no point wasting time on advanced plays. No one has time to figure out tricky plays so there’s not much point in doing it. Play a straightforward, fast game for the best outcome.

If you want to try out fast-fold poker for yourself, we recommend heading to the PokerStars online poker room and downloading the client for PC or Macs. For online poker and other casino games in the one secure space, we recommend checking out Raging Bull Casino which is our top-rated casino site for players from United States, which has a great range of RNG poker variants and other casino games to choose from.