Real money Keno

Real money Keno

Similar in nature to most lottery games, online keno for real money has grown exceedingly popular because of the ease you experience in learning to play.

United States Best real money online keno sites

Best real money online keno sites

#1 Raging Bull Online Casino Australia

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Online Slots Kings

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What is real money keno?

keno logo land-basedKeno in land-based venues is a simple game where you can pick up to 20 of 80 numbers listed on a card and try to match them to the twenty numbers picked at random from a ball hopper. The more numbers you pick correctly, the greater your winnings.

There are no tricks to playing keno successfully and no winning strategies. If you feel your numbers are coming up, however, keno might simply be your game.

Each game of keno is called a race, and races in a brick and mortar casino can look chaotic and take some time to get through. You have to fill out your card with your numbers and give it to a runner. The runner takes your card and every other bettor’s cards and runs them to a keno booth where the numbers are recorded and a receipt for each wager is printed. Then, the runner returns the appropriate receipt to each player who confirms that everything was entered correctly.

This is the same process at pubs and clubs, but you fill the form out and take it up to the attendant or machine yourself.

Hopefully everything was recorded properly and the race can begin with each number called out. Once all twenty numbers have been revealed the race is over and winners may collect their wagers. Some keno players may choose to play the same numbers for multiple races in order to skip all the procedure involved in registering a wager.

Online real money keno

microgaming monkey kenoWith online keno however, all the messing around between each race is eliminated, as is the middlemen of ticket runners and keno booths. You deal directly with the game. Pick your numbers, choose your wager and your number of races, click the button and go. What takes minutes to sort through in real time only takes seconds when you play keno online. You can also slow down game pace by deciding when to click the button.

What’s more, you can find a huge range of keno variants online to keep gameplay exciting, including Microgaming’s Monkey Keno.

The best part about online keno however, is how a small wager can yield huge payoffs. Play real money keno online and you might be the one to rake in the huge payoff, and without the wait you find in real time casinos.

Way Tickets and Straight Tickets

keno microgamingKeno also features various ways to pick your numbers and win. The straight ticket is one where you pick up to the maximum numbers allowed. For example, if the casino allows a maximum of fifteen numbers per race, you pick fifteen numbers out of 80 possible numbers.

A Way ticket allows you to pick a number multiple times and win more money if it comes up. For example, you can pick three numbers on the keno ticket at a time, called a three spot, such as 3, 9, 12. You can pick five numbers on the same ticket for the same race as a five spot, 2, 3, 6, 15, 21. If the three comes up in this example, you double your winnings. The name, way ticket, comes from the fact that there are multiple ways to win on each ticket.

Top and Bottom, Right and Left Keno Tickets

Some online casinos may even offer a specialised keno ticket called a top and bottom ticket. In this variation, you pick either the top half of the keno ticket or the bottom half. If more numbers fall into the half you picked, you win.

Search diligently and you may find another variation, the right and left keno ticket. In this version you pick either the right or left side of the ticket, and if more numbers fall on your side, you win.

Mobile Keno for Real Money

Playing keno online is not limited to your PC or your laptop. Many casinos feature free downloadable software that allows you to play real money keno from your Android or Windows operated smart phone or tablet, or from your iPhone or iPad.

Even when compatible software to play real money keno is not available for your device, you can still play if your browser is flash or java enabled. Many casinos offer instant, no download software to play keno when they haven’t designed games compatible with anything else but Windows.

The advantages to playing keno from your mobile device abound. You can play keno at a variety of locations and under a variety of circumstances. You also do not have to navigate the lines and procedures at a brick and mortar keno game, so that races can proceed quickly.

Choosing the Best Online Casino for Real Money Keno

Keno payouts vary according to the casino. The best way to tell if you are getting good odds on your wagers is to compare payout tables from different keno games. Look for the keno games that pay the most while allowing you to select more numbers per race. Another approach is to determine the most probable win and compare payouts for that type of win.

With real money keno games of any type you have the advantage of winning a large amount of real money with smaller wagers, but your rate of winning tends to be less frequent, so always quit while you are ahead.

Our number one online casino for keno is Raging Bull Casino, our top-rated casino site for players from United States, which offers games in instant-play mode, with no downloads required. Keno and other casino games can be sampled for free in practice mode or for real money bets using a selection of safe, secure payment methods.