Mobile scratchies

Mobile scratchies

Mobile scratchies are the newest way to gamble for real money using electronic devices. Cell phones, smartphones, and tablet computers have revolutionized how people live their lives in the early 21st century. Many people seem to be addiction to their mobile devices. With that kind of devotion to telecommunications, it’s natural that the mobile users who enjoy a good punt would like to use their gadgets for gambling. And in a tech field where instantaneous is better, it’s natural that many of these people would want to play electronic scratches.

United States Best online casinos with real money scratchies

Best online casinos with real money scratchies

#1 Raging Bull Online Casino Australia

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#2 casino USA friendly

Online Slots Kings

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#3 BetOnline Casino

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Playing scratch cards offline

Scratchcards are bought through lottery vendors in Australia. A lotto store sells these cards, which are kept in transparent cases in large rolls of 75 or so cards. When you make a purchase, the next card is torn off the roll. You scratch the acrylic film off to reveal whether you won or not. A person can buy a scratchie, learn the results instantly, and redeem winning tickets within seconds. For this reason, scratchies are also known as “instants”.

Playing scratch cards online

The game has the same instant gratification on the Internet, but the process for buying online scratchies is completely different. Instead of going to an Internet lottery site, you’ll need to go to an online casinos. These websites offer most forms of betting besides poker, sports betting, and bingo. If you want to play the pokies, blackjack, craps, roulette, video poker, or keno, this is where you need to go.

It might seem strange to lotto players this is where they would need to navigate, but the random number generator software used to power online scratchies is similar to the casino table games or poker machines. Another thing to consider is the fact you couldn’t buy real scratchcards from the lotto companies on the Internet.

Instead, you play a virtual game which simulates what you would play in an offline setting. Online casinos offer these games under the “Other Games” category, usually. The same applies to the mobile casinos, too. Below is how you access these games.

Mobile casino software

Navigate to a mobile casino like any of those recommended in our casino table above, each which has been flawlessly optimised for mobile play. These sites use top of the range casino software, so they are licensed and safe for real money players. Also, these sites often allow you to play using your local currency, so you don’t lose cash on the exchange rate. Once you’re on the site, you can choose to download an app if its available, otherwise just play directly over your Web browser with no downloads necessary.

Just about any cell phone, smartphone, Android phone, iPhone/iPod/iPad, or alternative tablet computer is going to work with the software. Download and install the software, then start clicking on the games you want to play. Once again, you’ll find similar games selection to the traditional electronic casinos, so use the menu to find the mobile scratchcards. You might have to search through the “Other Games” option, but scratchies should be listed.

Playing online scratchcards

Often, you’ll find these listed under “scratch cards” or “scratchcards”. When you start to play, you’ll find a virtual representation of the scratchies you would find in stores. Between 5 and 10 pictures will appear on these cards. To scratch them off, you have one of two options.

First, players can use the point-and-click method to scratch the surface of the card. Once you click, the results are revealed, much like you would do with a coin in a live setting. Second, players can signal for an auto-play function to reveal the outcome as soon as the card appears. While this automatic method might appeal to those who don’t want to use their mouse through a long session of gaming, let me warn you about this option.

The automatic card scratcher lets a punter gamble at such a fast rate, they can gamble a lot of money in a short period of time, even if they aren’t betting much on any one card. It’s similar to the autoplay mode on the pokies, when you can make a new bet every few seconds. If you set the program to auto-play and program in a lot of cards at once, you can lose money quickly. Remember, the casino has a house edge, so most of the time, you’re only making matters worse by playing quickly.

Playing online offers a lower house edge

The scratchies on the Internet tend to have a lower house edge than the brick-and-mortar card game. That’s because of the lower overhead and greater competition in the computer world. The operators don’t have to pay a cashier or print up cards, so once the software is installed, the game rewards them handsomely.

Also, each state tends to have one or two land-based lottery providers, so their monopoly or duopoly doesn’t require them to offer such good terms. On the Internet, hundreds of casino sites compete for your attention. Once again, this only works to your advantage if you don’t speed up the game. Play at your own pace and savour the game.

Our top-rated mobile casino sites with scratch games are listed in the table at the top of this page and we recommend Raging Bull Casino as our top-rated casino site for players from United States, which has some excellent welcome bonuses available for new players along with a great range of scratchies, online slots, table games and other luck-based games suitable for beginners.