BetOnline’s Bad Beat Jackpot soars to over USD $730,000

BetOnline Bad Beat Jackpot

Bad Beat Jackpot BetOnline The Bad Beat Jackpot at BetOnline is soaring well past the $700,000 mark, so there’s never been a better time for USA players to head to the casino and start playing at the poker tables for a piece of the action. To win this epic jackpot, you need to hold a losing hand of four of a kind Jacks or higher, at which point the current price of the jackpot pool will be split between yourself and your fellow punters. To qualify for the cash prize, the hand must go to a showdown.

At the time of writing, the jackpot was sitting at a huge US$731,957 and growing higher by the minute as more player’s flock to the tables in the hopes of being seated when the jackpot strikes. Here’s the sweet deal – all players who are at the table when the Bad Beat jackpot is triggered get a piece of the pie, with money split between players as follows:

  • 27.50% for Bad Beat winner
  • 15% for the hand winner
  • 15% for the rest of the players dealt into the hand
  • 5% for players at other Bad Beat tables
  • 27.50% Reseeded into the jackpot
  • 10% Administrative costs

To get in on the action, head to BetOnline and go to the poker tables marked with the Bad Beat Jackpot tag. Start playing for real money and a portion of this incredible jackpot could be yours any minute. There is no limit to how high the jackpot can grow, so the more players who join the party, the more you could stand to win.

If you’re new to BetOnline, sign up for an account and you can claim one of several different welcome bonuses, including a 100% match on all Bitcoin deposits up to $1000. Read the ‘Promotions’ page to find the welcome bonus most suited to you, as there are many to choose from.

The clock is ticking on that Bad Beat Jackpot, so head on over to today and get playing for your chance to win. To learn more about BetOnline, read our detailed BetOnline Review.

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