Google Chrome Internet casinos

Google Chrome Internet casinos

Google Chrome has been ranked as the number one web browser last year, and our first choice in 2017 to access flash casinos with. The minimal use of screen space, the strong performance, and advanced security protocols are just some of the reasons why Flash casinos are so compatible with Chrome. We take a look at why this browser is so popular and how to get the most out of the Chrome when accessing instant play casinos.

United States Best Google Chrome instant-play casinos

Best Google Chrome instant-play casinos

#1 Raging Bull Online Casino Australia

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Available to residents of United States
#2 casino USA friendly

Online Slots Kings

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Available to residents of United States
#3 BetOnline Casino

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How to access Chrome Flash casinos

google chrome logoWeb browsers are essential to access instant play casinos – these are online casinos which work using Adobe Flash so there is no need to download any software to your device to access the games – you can read more about them here.

Chrome is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux and is available for desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Simply access the online casinos via Chrome by clicking or tapping on any of the links from the table above. You will be directed quickly and there is no need to download any software – although some sites also offer the option of installing downloadable software, but this is becoming rare as browser based software takes over.

Why Chrome is popular for no download casinos

Chrome comes pre-installed on many devices, including Android devices and PCs, which makes it the go to browser for many users – there’s no point downloading any other browser if Chrome does the job. Since Android users make up a bigger share of the market than iOS users – 45.16% more as of September, 2016 according to statistics site Net Market Share– it makes sense the browser is more commonly used.

However, it doesn’t come pre-installed on Apple devices but many users of MacBooks, iMacs, iPhones, and iPads download it, with StatCounter reporting Chrome as the most popular browser for all smartphones and tablets at the end of 2015.

This is no doubt because of the excellent features Chrome comes with, enabling optimum gameplay when accessing instant play casinos.

chrome content size
These features include;

  • Ample screen space: Chrome was the first browser to simplify the browser interface by compressing the navigational buttons. This ultimately makes the most out of the screen space. For example, the search bar has been merged into the URL bar so you can either search or go directly to a site. There’s also the option to expand the browser and hide background applications, which means larger screens for games.
  • Performance: While Chrome isn’t ranked as the fastest browser of them all, it’s performance is still incredible strong. There also many hacks to speed up the browser, including clearing browser history and disabling extensions which aren’t in use. This will ensure gameplay is smooth and void of crashes when accessing Flash casino games.
  • HTML5 compatibility: Chrome has always been at the forefront of the HTML5 market, allowing for smooth mobile browsing. This means mobile casinos can be accessed via your smartphone or tablet with Chrome, without any compatibility issues. We detail mobile gaming in depth below.
  • Security: Security has to be the most important feature to gaming online as we are entering personal data and financial information, while playing with real money. Chrome enables data encryption technology to be implemented by top online casinos, including the sites in the table above, which protects players and their information. Chrome also offers security updates to protect from viruses, and the option to ‘Enable Phishing and Malware’ via the browser’s settings to prevent your details from being compromised.

These features contribute to a premier gaming experience when accessing instant play casinos.

Are Chrome casinos as popular on mobile devices?

As mentioned above, Chrome is already installed on Android devices. Therefore, it is the best browser to use to access mobile casinos.

But the browser isn’t just popular for Android users. Windows and Apple users download the Chrome app despite having pre-installed browsers, proven by the dominating market share of 37.22% of mobile users as of September 2016, according to StatCounter.

The mobile Chrome application can be downloaded via your app store and you will notice it also makes the most of screen space, minimising the user interface making it a great option for mobile Flash casino games.

Players can also make web apps using Chrome – this removes any toolbars or other buttons to make screen space even bigger. Simply tap on one of the online casinos listed above to be taken to their mobile sites and then on the three vertical dots. You will find the option to ‘Add to Home Screen’ and an icon will appear on your home screen which is essentially a link directly to the mobile casino.

Pin your favourite Chrome flash casinos

google chrome pin favourite casinos to tabAll our online casinos listed in the table above offer a flash site. This site offers instant play games including the pokies, blackjack, roulette, poker and more which are compatible with the Chrome browser.

We recommend these secure sites and using the unique Chrome feature called ‘Pin Tab’. This feature sticks the tab in its place, with a smaller icon in place, so it doesn’t move around and there’s no chance of accidentally exiting. It is ideal for websites you visit regularly, so a great feature for our favourite online casino websites.

To pin a tab simply control-click on the tab and then click ‘Pin Tab’ from the menu. To remove, follow the same process but click ‘Unpin Tab.’

For instant play using the Google Chrome web browser, we recommend Raging Bull Casino, our top-rated casino site for players from United States, which has some excellent welcome bonuses available for new players along with hundreds of real money casino games to choose from, with no downloads required.

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