How to play casino games through Safari Web browser

How to play casino games through Safari Web browser

Apple products are dominating the digital world, and the default browser which comes with these devices is known as Safari. Safari offers strong performance and thanks to instant play casinos, we can easily access them using the integrated web browser on our iMac, MacBook, iPad or iPhone.

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According to global tracker, StatCounter, Safari is the second most popular browser for both desktop and mobile devices, as of September 2016, and therefore the default browser is a good option to access no download casinos. We show you how below.

How to access Safari instant play casinos

safari logoDue to the increase in popularity of Apple devices over the past decade, casino operators and providers have worked on making their sites and games more accessible to Mac and mobile users.

Online casinos use to be predominantly a downloadable client, which only PC users could access. However, they are now available via Flash and HTML5 technology so Mac users, as well as smartphone and tablet players can access the no download and mobile versions via Safari.

These sites are very easy to access – click any of the links in the table above, while using Safari, to play real money casino games.

What makes Safari a good choice for web casinos?

safari desktop and mobile statsSafari comes pre-installed on all Apple devices – this includes all versions of iMac desktops, MacBook laptops, iPad tablets, and iPhone smartphones.

According to StatCounter, Safari is the second most common browser for mobile devices, following Chrome, with up to 22.55% of the portable device market, as of September 2016. However, for desktop devices alone it is the fourth most popular, behind Chome, Firefox, and IE. This isn’t surprising however, as it correlates with the market share of Operating Systems when it comes to desktop devices – as of 2016, the majority use Windows 7 or Windows 10 according to StatCounter. Safari isn’t supported by Windows – as of 2012 – and therefore is reflected by these statistics.

This shows the browser is incredibly popular for mobile devices, which we go into more detail below, but it is also a great option for desktop devices as it offers a number of incredible features, including;

  • Minimalistic and customisable design – Safari is a very minimalist browser, with the search bar and URL combined as one to create a lot of screen space. The menu panel will expand if you have more than one tab open though – click the plus sign in the top right hand corner to do so. The best feature is you can custom design the layout and rearrange the toolbars to suit your gaming preferences.
  • Performance – Safari has been designed to work best with Apple devices, and it has even been proven to ensure your battery life lasts longer when using the browser over any other browser. Apple states on their website you can browse for two hours longer, and even watch Netflix for four hours longer than any other browser when using Safari. This is essential when playing real money casino games, as we won’t be running around looking for the charger so our bets aren’t void by losing battery. Additionally, if you update to the latest Safari version you will be guaranteed speedy and smooth Flash gameplay.
  • Security – Safari is an incredibly secure browser, with Apple regularly releasing updates to fix any bugs. Users can block pop-ups and enable anti-phishing via the settings to avoid viruses and hackers gaining access to your information. This is especially important when playing at secure web casinos as we are entering financial and personal details.
  • HTML5 compatibility – Despite the fact Apple smartphone and tablet users can download other browsers, Safari is the number one mobile browser for iPhones and iPads. This means you can access online casino games on the go with Safari enabling smooth mobile gaming. We explain more below.

Safari mobile casinos

As mentioned above, iPhone, iPad and even iPod Touch users can access the mobile versions of the above secure online casinos via Safari. The browser is similar to the desktop version, but is optimised for the mobile screen, making the most of screen space. This makes the browser ideal for mobile gaming.

Apple were also the first to come up with web apps for mobile devices via the Safari browser. These are similar to bookmarks, but an icon is stored on your home screen so you can access the site you wish to visit conveniently. Therefore, you can store your preferred online casino on your home screen and access it immediately thanks to Safari.

Simply tap on the browser’s menu panel down the bottom and a pop-up menu will appear where you can then tap on the ‘Add To Home Screen’ option to create a web app.

Play casino games across all Apple devices with Safari

play across multiple apple devices with icloudSafari has been designed to work the best with Apple devices, so we recommend sticking to this browser for online casino gaming if you have a desktop or mobile device by the brand. This is because it it is compatible with special Apple features, including the iCloud Keychain.

This securely stores usernames, passwords, card details, and more so you can easily sign in to your preferred online casino easily via Safari and top up your account balance quickly. These details are protected due to Safari’s 256-bit encryption technology, which not only top banks employ but all of the Internet casinos listed above.

iCloud Keychain also allows you to go from one device to the next – so if you are an Apple fiend owning their desktop and mobile devices you can pick up gameplay where you left off.
You do need OS X Mountain Lion or later and iOS 6 or later, but once you’re all updated you can activate it by signing into iCloud on all devices and sharing tabs with each device.
This means if you are playing a game on your iMac and need to head out you can continue playing via your iPhone thanks to iCloud shared tabs.

Our favourite online casino to use with the Safari web browser is Raging Bull Casino, our top-rated casino site for players from United States, which has some excellent welcome bonuses available for new players and is available for instant-play.