Live dealer Sic Bo games

Live dealer Sic Bo games

The ancient Chinese gambling game, Sic Bo, can be found online at secure web casinos and Aussies can legally wager and win real money on the title. Top casino software provider Microgaming offers a premier live dealer variant and it can be found at the secure casinos listed below.

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We take a look at the live Internet variant, and how you can win real money rolling the three dice in the game.

History of Sic Bo

live dealer sic boSic Bo was established over two centuries ago in China under differing names including Tai Sai and Dai Siu. These name variations mean ‘big small’, which is the main premise to the game.

However, the name Sic Bo has dominated, which interestingly means dice pair – hinting the game was once played with two dice instead of three as it is today. Additionally, instead of the small dice land-based Sic Bo uses, Chinese players use to play with large bricks with numbers engraved on them.

The game migrated from China to the US in the 1920s and was even played at carnivals under the name ‘Chuck-a-Luck’. However, it wasn’t until the 1970’s the game made its way into a land-based casino in Monte Caro and it became a real money gambling option.

It is now available all around the world, and players don’t even have to leave their house anymore to play the unique dice game known as Sic Bo.

Live Sic Bo by Microgaming

live dealer sic bo by microgamingMicrogaming offers a live Sic Bo variant available on both the instant and downloadable casino platforms, allowing both Mac and PC users to access the game. This variant see’s a human dealer streamed in real time, directly to your device’s screen.

You will need an online casino account as live games require you to play for real money, so pick a web casino from the table above, register your details and make a deposit to get started.

You can find the variant by using the handy search bar at the online casinos listed above, entering Live Sic Bo to locate the game. Click on the game and it will load to reveal the table layout.

Then all you have to do is place your bets by clicking the chip size and then the table layout, and wait for the bets to be called by the human croupier. When they do, the dealer will roll activate the dice which will roll and determine whether you will be paid or not.

The table limits range from $0.50 to $72, $2 to $180, and $5 to $350. Additionally, you can adjust your bets by clicking on the chips.

The history is displayed next to the video feed, while the statistics are available to the right of feed and you change the quality of the feed within the video window.

Additionally, you can opt whether you wish to hear the dealer’s voice or change other settings via the options button. Unfortunately, there’s no chat box available on this title.

Popular Sic Bo bets and payouts

live dealer sic bo betsWhile playing Sic Bo is quite straight forward, there are a number of bets available which can make the game seem complicated. However, these bets are easy to pick up and once you become more experienced you can opt in making multiple bets on Live Sic Bo.

Small or big bets in Sic Bo

These two bets are the most popular with players. Small bets are based on the total of the three dice being less than 10, but more than four, while the big bets rely on the total being more than 11 but less than 17. Both offer even money payouts and a house edge of 2.78%.

Be careful, in some Sic Bo variants if you roll a triple including the above live Microgaming variant, you will lose these bets.

Betting even or odd

Players bet the total will either be an even amount, or an odd amount. The payout is 1:1 again for these bets, with a house edge of 2.78%, and players lose if a triple is rolled.

Total sum bets in Sic Bo

The total sum bets in Sic Bo come with incredibly high payouts – but the odds of winning aren’t as good as the aforementioned bets.

Players can bet what the total of the three dice will amount to, with the following payouts available;

  • Bet the total sum will be four or 17 – 50:1
  • Bet the total sum will be five or 16 – 18:1
  • Bet the total sum will be six or 15 – 14:1
  • Bet the total sum will be seven or 14 – 12:1
  • Bet the total sum will be eight or 13 – 8:1
  • Bet the total sum will be nine, 10, 11 or 12 – 6:1

It is important to note you aren’t betting on two outcomes. For example, you aren’t betting six or 15 will win, instead your picking either six will win, or 15 will win.

The triple and any triple bets

live sic bo betsThe triple bet cancels out any of the aforementioned bets if it wins – and it also payouts up to 180:1 if you’ve wagered on it (this is for the Microgaming variant, it can vary from game to game).

This bet sees players betting all three dice are the exact same specific number – such as 555 or 333. The probability you will win this bet is incredibly low, with a house edge of 16%, so be sure to keep this in mind

If you like a risk, but want to make it a little easier on yourself opt for the any triple bet where players bet a triple will be rolled but it can be any number. This features a lower payout of 30:1 and a house edge of just over 11%.

The double bet

You can make it even easier by opting to bet two of the three dice will be the exact same number, for example two sixes and whatever the third number is. This will see a payout of 11:1 but still has a house edge of around 11%.

There are more bets available, which you can view by clicking the help option on the Microgaming variant, or looking up the rules for specific land-based versions.