Macau casinos drop mask requirements

Macau casino news

Following announcements by the authorities on Sunday relaxing COVID-19 measures for outdoor activities, casinos in Macau have dropped requirements to wear masks on their premises.

Giving reasons for the move, Macau authorities said “the epidemic situation in Macau has continuously remained stable over the last two months”, prompting it to adjust its mask measures.

The head of the Power of the Macao Gaming Association, Stephen Lau, said the response to the new measure had been very positive but many of the gaming workers have gotten used to wearing masks and will continue to do so during work.

Speaking on the development, a gaming scholar Zeng Zhonglu said the move will bring significant improvement in Macau’s image as the world’s largest gaming hub.

“The decision will give a positive sign to tourists psychologically, being mask-free contributes to the city’s image as a safe gaming hub to play and stay,” the scholar said.

Casinos in Macau are already experiencing a surge in visitor arrivals and business following the easing of the COVID-19 measure.

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