Apple iGlass blackjack

Apple iGlass blackjack

Apple iGlassEver wondered where the iGlass idea from Apple, which has sporadically floated around the Web since 2006, went?

Well, the speculation on the release date of Apple’s smartglasses is being bet on once again, and this time, speculation has gotten the online gaming world seeing dollar signs. The rumour mill continues to spin following the recently released Google Glass, a high-tech optical head-mounted device which displays information which you may normally view on your smartphone, via interactive lenses with a 3D smartphone-like display in front of the upper corner of the user’s our eye – all hands free.

Apple’s response? To offer a counter device to compete against Glass. One thing which is certain is that when iGlass is released, it will please all Apple fans, as Apple likes to create products as flawlessly as a 10 and an Ace being dealt to a player in blackjack.

According to the former-head of Apple’s iPod division, Tony Fadell, the only reason the iGlass hasn’t been released yet is because it was sidelined due to the popularity of the iPod and iPhone (10 million iPhone 6 mobiles were sold in the opening three days of its release).

Despite being left in the dark, Apple garnered excitement among the tech world on the Web again last year, revealing there were many prototypes in the works long before Google released its device in early 2013. The iGlass being released in 2015 is becoming more and more certain, and the possibilities for online casino gaming developers to work their software with the iGlass are endless.

What Was the iGlass Idea Again?

When Apple did unveil its exclusive idea called the iGlass – it was announced to be a device that “doesn’t just change the way you interact with the world, it shows you a better world,” according to Fadell.

In 2013, Apple explained in a press release its smartglasses would work by beaming an image onto a display in front of the wearer’s eyes using LCD projectors on the side of the glasses, in order to provide a total immersive experience. Additionally, most likely in a bid to outdo Google’s glasses, it would have two heads-up displays not just one. Similar to the personalisation of the thumb unlocking feature on iPhones, the glasses are used through different patterns of eye movement.

While Google Glass checks emails, takes photographs and searches the Web, the iGlass, when released, has the exciting prospect to open the floodgates to project a virtual gaming reality, instead of a virtual office.

The potential for online gambling games such as virtual blackjack (live dealer and random number generated games), to be accessed and played through an immersive device such as the iGlass is a very exciting prospect – potentially reinventing the blackjack reality experience.

If Google Glass Exists, Why Do We Need iGlass?

Wearing Apple's iGlassApple has proven it is a force to be reckoned with and when a product is brought out by a competing company, it will feed off customer reviews and bring out a product that fills these gaps.

And this time is no different, with Google Glass leaving a large gap in the online gaming world. Google Glass has created ‘Mini Games’, a popular application which allows users to play interactive games, but this doesn’t take full advantage of the online and interactive gaming world, with many gambling gaming developers left in the dark about whether Google’s product can be compatible with online casino programs and games.

If Google has missed the chance to bring virtual online games from a computer or tablet to a landscape of digital reality to create a real gambling experience that has the potential to change the way we play online, this is exactly where iGlass should come in.

With virtual real money casino and other games already a huge phenomenon, and with the rising popularity of playing online blackjack on iPhones and iPads, the demand is there and the opportunities are endless, so hopefully Apple takes advantage of Google’s shortcomings.

Real Money Blackjack on iGlass

If you have the basic strategy of blackjack down pat, but lack the confidence to try it out at the casino’s tables, the iGlass may just prove to be the perfect opportunity for people to experience the real thing. And with the real thing, comes real money!

Imagine wagering real money against vivid graphics and 3D technology – blackjack will never feel more real unless you are standing in the middle of a casino after paying way too much on a taxi. Of course, if Apple works with online gaming companies to introduce projected 3D blackjack games, the ability to practice 21 for free will certainly be available, too.

Another issue with Google Glass is many critics have suggested it will not be able to compare to gaming consoles such as the Xbox or the PlayStation. So while Glass tries to combat that competition, iGlass is open to address the gap between gaming consoles and wearable technology.

It’s still early for Apple and whether or not it will respond to Google Glass is something only time will tell. What we do know is there are infinite possibilities, and not only does Apple’s iGlass bring some promising potential, but it brings a real life experience that could change the way we game. Here’s hoping Apple is delaying the release while it perfects some of the issues Google Glass has yet to master.