Real money Apple iGlass casinos

Real money Apple iGlass casinos

Apple iGlassAnything Google can do, Apple can do better, or at least that’s what Apple wants you to believe. As word of the new iGlass device, the latest and arguably greatest creation yet in wearable technology, starts to get around, the world awaits eagerly to check out the competition for the ground breaking Google Glass.

Word on the Web is the iGlass product has been in the works since 2006 and Apple was working on its own version of an augmented reality headset until the iPhone became much more important. One can only speculate as to why Apple has chosen now to get back to work on this seemingly forgotten invention, but it’s easy to suspect the release of Google Glass probably has something to do with it.

What is the Apple iGlass?

The Apple iGlass is yet to be released to the public and is mostly speculation at this stage, which isn’t surprising as Apple is known for withholding releases until a product has been designed to absolute perfection. Tony Fadell, former-head of Apple’s iPod division has said the iGlass device is the craziest thing he worked on during his time at Apple and there were many prototypes in the works long before Google took the tech world by storm with Google Glass in early 2013.

Unveiled during a press release in 2013, Apple’s iGlass was introduced as a device that “doesn’t just change the way you interact with the world, it shows you a better world.” The original patent for Apple’s version of smartglasses explained the device would work by beaming an image onto a display in front of the wearer’s eyes using LCD projectors on the side of the glasses, in order to create an enhanced viewing experience.

The patent explains images will travel through a special glass and land directly onto the user’s pupils, theoretically providing the illusion of total immersion. It’s as easy to use as being able to blink, with the user controlling the glasses by different patterns of eye movement.

While only time will tell exactly what the iGlass has in store, it’s anticipated to be an entertainment and media breakthrough, which excites us about the possibilities of virtual reality casino gaming. Knowing what Apple is best at, the iGlass is sure to be a flawless and beautiful design with some highly innovative features.

Using iGlass With Real Money Online Casinos

Online gamers and virtual casino lovers are dying to see what the iGlass has in store and until its release, we can only dream at this stage. If the iGlass is everything Apple promises it will be, this device will change the way real money online casinos are experienced forever. With the ever increasing popularity of live dealer casino games, and software companies that continuously blow us away with vivid graphics and 3D technology, the introduction of the iGlass to online casinos has the potential to be a real game changer.

Apple’s iGlass certainly brings some promising possibilities. We have our fingers crossed Apple is delaying the release while it perfects some of the issues Google Glass has yet to master as far as gaming goes. Google Glass has received criticism for games that can’t easily be played in public due to play requiring voice controls or using the touch pad on the side of the glasses. In the past, Apple has famously held off releasing products until competitors have already entered the market, enabling them to analyse customer reviews and consumer satisfaction in order to provide a superior product, so here’s to hoping this is what’s going down.

iGlass vs Google Glass

It’s widely known Apple products, although also breaking new ground, are designed specifically for mass consumption. While Apple’s products are undeniably innovative, the Apple philosophy has always been to focus on the dominantly popular consumer products (like the iPhone and iPod) rather than trying to keep its finger on the pulse to compete with every other new technology out there. We can’t necessarily argue with that plan, considering the iPhone brought in over $80 billion dollars in revenue for Apple in 2013 alone, exceeding the profits of the entire Microsoft product catalogue in the same year.

Google Glass just may be the superior product in this race, as it seems to have been built specifically for real tech nerds and gadget fanatics, tickling every excitable nerve of the technologically obsessed. Google Glass has the potential to search the Web, make phone calls, check emails, use apps and take photos, while the intention behind iGlass is more of a media outlet that acts as a kind of personal home theatre. The iGlass is set to be ideal for mass consumption and personal entertainment, while Google Glass is a feat in technological design and virtual reality.

To simplify even further, iGlass is more for entertainment, while Google Glass is more for business. Which one is set to win when it comes to online casinos and virtual gaming is yet to be determined, but we are definitely crossing our fingers for an all-out tech war in which players will be the ultimate winners.

Read more about Google Glass here and start getting excited about the possibilities for virtual gaming that lie right around the corner.