Where can I play Apple iGlass pokies?

Where can I play Apple iGlass pokies?

The saying ‘apple of my eye’ has taken on new meaning when it comes to Apple’s potential smart glasses envisioned with the title iGlass. With the recent revelation that Apple has been in the works with a smart glasses prototype for some years now, we are ready to predict what exactly we can expect.

Apple iGlass - Real Money PokiesGoogle was the first to bring out a version of glasses which were seemingly only accepted by Futurama addicts.

When it was unveiled however, many were quite unsure what it did and why they needed to spend so much money on the product. This potentially could have something to do with the fact only a select few, 8000 to be exact who responded to a Google tweet, were granted access to them.

Enter Apple, who are potentially in the works with their own version, hoping for a much better outcome and response by the market all the while blaming their late reveal on their dedication to the iPhone – what number do they stop at?

Online casino players who have taken advantage of the ability to play games on their smartphones wherever they may be should be excited to know that if the Apple smart glasses are ever released, there is a potential for users to play their favourite online casino games, including variations of the exciting pokies currently available online, and they will all be seen via a virtual reality.

What is Apple iGlass?

Currently there is no such thing as a physical Apple iGlass. On many news parody websites the iGlass has been said to be released in what could be a believable unveiling to some. Satirical news site Scoopertino infamously fabricated the iGlass was unveiled, stating it takes a ‘single-blink to take a photo. Double-blink to shoot a video.’ Not only has the iGlass not been unveiled, rather the patent discussed below doesn’t indicate that there is even technology to control a digital action via a reflex action such as a blink.

This false alarm isn’t cause for despair though as Tony Fadell, the former head of the iPod division, said Apple had been working on prototypes since 2006. However, Fadell confirmed they were abandoned due to Apple’s dedication to the iPhone. That dedication did pay off with Apple selling 30,000 iPhones were hour in the last quarter of 2014.

Confirmation of work commencing so early was determined when it was revealed worldwide that a patent was filed for “a source image in a head-mounted display apparatus for a user” at Apple in 2006, featuring an explanation that an image would be streamed onto the eyes from the glasses to create a better viewing experience.

This suggests that Apple iGlass would be more focused around entertainment and gaming as opposed to what Google Glass currently targets, that is business operations such as emailing and calling, due to the target focus being on what the user is viewing and experiencing. What all this means is that if there is ever an Apple iGlass released, casino players may have a unique and enhanced gambling experience thanks to Apple targeting the entertainment market.

Google Glass comes in array of styles, some without frames, and some even with prescriptions built into them. No doubt Apple will follow suit, but it will be interesting to follow legislation if these ever become popular, and if iGlass is ever released, as driving while wearing the glasses would be quite distracting.

Apple iGlass Pokies

When Google Glass was first released, land-based venues in America quickly banned players from wearing the glasses as they can easily record events, while also potentially opening the gates to cheating, according to US casinos. No doubt the same regulations will be set in place when iGlass is released, if it is ever released.

However, online casino players need not fear as Google’s versions are compatible with online bookies with expected Google Glass pokies releases in the future; therefore, Apple can’t be too far behind. While Google does appear to be beating Apple, as iGlass is predicted to be more focused around entertainment, perhaps one of the first games to be released along side the glasses will be iGlass compatible casino games, such as pokies.

Having the ability to play real money pokies via a pair of glasses seems extreme, but if we take the same graphics available online, for example by the software provider Microgaming, and beam it directly to our eyes, with nothing else in site, it could become quite a different, intense, experience. If iGlass is ever released and pokies are available to play, they may have to be played at home.

Will Apple iGlasses be better than Google Glass

There’s a high potential these glasses are going to be laughed at just as much as the Google glasses are, but we’re sure critics laughed at the first iPod once upon a time. Google Glass offers information in a format similar to that on a smartphone and actions are performed via voice commands. While we believe iGlass will function in quite the same manner, there are differences which may be favourable to the gamer.

The patent filed suggests that all the information and images would be streamed to the eyes via LCD projectors, similar to Google Glass. However, it is said that the iGlass will have two projectors on either side of the glasses that are beamed onto the glass, creating a more immersive experience.

If this is the case, and Apple releases compatible iGlass pokies, players will be able to create a completely new and unique experience and immerse themselves into a virtual reality of slots. This experience will be more enjoyable with a dual projector as opposed to one straight into the retinas with a view of side view of everything else, so Apple iGlass may have the hypothetical upper-hand here.

Additionally, as it took quite some time to get into the habit of gluing ourselves to our smartphones, it will most likely take longer wearing these large glasses, and perhaps another feature Apple will take advantage of. We adore our gaming consoles, but we aren’t going to cart out Xbox’s around in our bags, so we leave them at home to play when we can. If Apple launches correctly and utilises the gaming and entertainment options available to use in the comfort of our own homes, they may just steal the market from Google.