Pokies for Google Glass

Pokies for Google Glass

Google Glass Real Money Online CasinosGoogle Glass is one of those extreme technologies that seemed like an impossibility only a few years ago, the kind of virtual contraption reserved for sci-fi movies and the imaginations of nerds everywhere.

But like those other technologies that once seemed like a fantasy (think video calling, electric cars and fitness apps tracing your steps), suddenly Google Glass slipped into the market just to remind everyone what human technology is capable of to the highest degree.

This augmented reality headset is the first of its kind to break through to the public sphere, with the recommended retail price for consumers to experience this ground breaking technology containing the hefty price tag of $1,500. It’s not exactly chump change, so there’s no surprise the popularity of this device hasn’t exactly soared through the roof, and due to its appeal mainly to the tech gadget savvy, it’s also not surprising a lot of people have never even heard of Google Glass.

What is Google Glass?

Google Glass Girl For those not in the know, Google Glass is a wearable device that looks more or less like a regular pair of eye glasses, utilising some of the most advanced technology available to turn the lenses into interactive screens that work much like a smartphone. Just like today’s smartphones, the glasses contain Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, speakers, a camera, microphone, GPS and a touch pad located at the side of the glasses.

The device can be controlled via the touch pad or voice activation, and while it’s powered by the Android system, it’s also compatible with iOS. Google Glass works by displaying a 3D user interface in the upper right corner of the inside of the lens, allowing the user to see the images as though in front of their very eyes. So in a nutshell, Google Glass is the first publicly available pair of virtual reality glasses. The future is now, my friends!

One of the most exciting things about new technology is that with it comes new platforms for entertainment and media, but one of the biggest downfalls with Google Glass is the technology is so advanced that the rest of the world is struggling to keep up. Google Glass apps are still in the early stages of development, so while users can access the Internet, use Facebook, Twitter, take photos and record fitness data, there are very few games currently compatible with the device.

Google Glass has also received criticism by its users as the games that are available are not really suitable for play in public, requiring voice activation or using the touch pad on the side of the glasses to play. However, these interactive glasses are still in the early stages of their development and there’s no doubt as the rest of the world races to catch up and advances in technology continue, Google Glass contains some incredibly exciting things for the world of online casinos and virtual gambling.

Using Google Glass with real money online pokies

Upon release, Google Glass was banned from use in land based casinos in the USA. Bricks and mortar casinos have never been too thrilled on Internet connected devices entering their doors, so this didn’t exactly come as a shock to anyone, although gadget lovers were still disappointed. Most real life casinos have strict rules against allowing cameras or recording devices, both of which Google Glass contains, so the ban was imminent. Google has already announced that patents are in place for similar wearable technology within contact lenses, so it will be interesting to see how land based casinos will attempt to restrict this technology in the future.

As the online casino industry rushes to keep up with the Google Glass hardware, exciting possibilities are starting to emerge. Online sports betting agencies have become Google Glass compatible and the online gaming industry is buzzing with rumours and hype about potential releases of Google Glass compatible pokies and other casino table games. When you consider the fact mobile pokies took a while to take off, and now practically every leading online casino has hundreds of flawlessly impressive mobile compatible video slots games, our hope is that within time Google Glass pokies become just another standard fixture.

Aliens by Net Entertainment
Imagine playing real money slot games like Aliens in first-person mode – this is all possible with Google Glasses.
Google Glass presents some pretty big possibilities for online pokies, taking the player experience to new levels of virtual reality. Online pokies contain such crystal clear graphics, and simple yet effective visuals – a design perfect for Google Glass. Pokies have been beautifully adapted for play on desktop computers, laptops, smartphone and tablets, so it only makes sense the next step is smart-glasses.

With the upcoming release of the Apple iGlass, which looks set to be a revolutionary personal entertainment platform, Google better get cracking in order to be the second ones to bring online pokies to virtual reality, with the Oculus Rift wearable headset already taking the title. We definitely encourage the friendly competition between the two rivals, with fingers crossed the real winner will be pokies players and online casino enthusiasts.

The Verdict

With a $1,500 price tag, we don’t expect Google Glass to become a regular fixture in standard households any-time soon, and until online pokies and casino games become widely available, there’s not currently much appeal for us. We are waiting with baited breath for our favourite online casinos to announce new pokies compatible technology, in which case we’ll be fighting to get our hands on a pair. Google Glass has some powerful possibilities when it comes to online pokies that could potentially change the way we think about online gambling forever. We are hoping the introduction of Apple iGlass fuels the fire with online casinos racing to keep up, but for now, only time will tell what these virtual reality headsets have in store for pokies.