Real money bingo

Real money bingo

Playing bingo for money has been around for a lot longer than you would think. Games similar to the one played online these days appeared as early as the 16th century. Both England and the USA dispute whether a game using the name “BINGO” first existed in their countries. The English note references to the game in their 18th century literature, while an American trademarked the game in the 1920’s and first marketed it in the 1930’s.

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Along the way, a couple of major versions of bingo came to dominate play around the world. Real money bingo games are organized in much different ways around the globe. In the Puritan-influenced United States, gambling is considered immoral in many states, so only non-profit gaming halls run by churches, charities, and civic organizations are allowed to offer bingo night. In nearby Canada, for-profit gambling is done in halls much like in the U.S., except these parlours are often linked to one another from one city or province to the next.

UK Bingo Gaming

In the United Kingdom, the National Bingo Game is a major provider of bingo gaming entertainment. Gala and Mecca are a couple of club chains where masses of people can enjoy the hobby. The UK also offers “windfall” jackpots, which are much larger than what most gamblers around the world would expect. These can be found in Mecca and Gala clubs, under names like High 5, Double Bubble, Bingo Bonus, Bullseye, and Lucky Stars. Linked games such as Last Chance can be found at Gala clubs throughout the country.

Other important names in the UK industry include Sun, Fabulous, Xbingo, Jackpot Joy, and Planet Bingo Group. Each of these companies has their own venues. These days, more locations have terminals for electronic gaming. In the United Kingdom, gamblers call these wizard terminals. The place in one of these establishments where the wizard terminals are found are sometimes called “wizard areas”.

Indian gaming

India has National Bingo Night, which televises draws. The term “tambola” is also synonymous with the game in India. If you see the word “eTambola”, that’s the electronic or online version of the game in Hindustan. This word derives from a 19th century German kid’s game with elements of the game: tombola. Tombola was used by generations of German children to learn many basic academic skills, such as reading and math.

Australian real money bingo

In Australia, the industry is controlled by a few major corporations who run monopolies in their respective states. Tatts and TABCORP have major stakes in the Aussie bingo market. BSG Australia is a gambling supply company which provides supplies to local organizations in Australia and New Zealand. Like so many other forms of gambling in Australia, real money bingo provides large profits to the organizers and big tax revenues to the state governments who regulate the gambling operations.

90-Ball tickets

The 90-ball bingo card is the most common ticket you’ll see around the globe. This is the predominant type of card you’ll see in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. These tickets are laid out in a 9×3 arrangement, usually with 6 different game cards printed on either side of the ticket. The hopper is filled with balls numbered 1 through 90. To win a game, you’ll need to have all your numbers marked out for the current game. Six games can be played with one ticket.

75-Ball cards

As you might expect, the United States has a much different version of the game. In this version, the hopper or random number generator only has the numbers 1 through 75. The ticket is 5×5, so it has 25 squares on it. The middle square on the card is marked “free” and is immediately daubed out with the red marker, bean, or other method you use for marking your card. In the standard game, the first player to mark out all numbers in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal fashion wins. Bingo organizations also have a version where all the numbers on the card must be called. This is often the last game of the name, or at special intervals during the session of play.

Online bingo

Bingo enthusiasts can play on the Internet by finding one of countless online bingo sites which exist. One example which comes to mind is Giggle Bingo owned by Digimedia Limited. Giggle is part of the Fortune Lounge Group of casino sites, so it’s associated with well-known Microgaming casinos like Platinum Play, 7 Sultans, and Royal Vegas Casino. Like most of these online bingo halls, you’ll have your choice of ninety-ball or seventy-five ball games. It’s natural that most players will want to play the 90-ball version, but the option is there if you want to try something new.

When you play on the Internet, you’ll need to register an account, much like you would at an online casino, poker site, or bookmaker. If you want to play for real cash, you’ll need to fund your account by making a deposit. Like other gambling sites, either one of these acts is likely to trigger a no-deposit bonus (with a signup) or a welcome bonus (with a deposit), which gives you extra money to spend on gaming. You’ll sometimes have the option of download the gaming software, though more operators are offering instant play games using Flash or Java.

The interface will look a lot like an online card room, because new games start every 10 to 15 minutes, much like the various tournaments would on a poker site. All you do is select one, the software deducts the entry fee from your account, and play starts when game time arrives.

Some of the leading online bingo sites include:

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Playing for real money

Remember to use good sense when playing with your hard-earned dollars. Never wager money which is earmarked for paying bills, buying meals, or taking care of your family. Less is more in the gambling industry, so don’t assume that extra game is going to increase your odds of winning money. The probabilities are the same each time you gamble and the odds don’t chance according to the length of time it’s been since you last won. Enjoy your hobby, but enjoy it in moderation.

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