Firefox online casinos

Firefox online casinos

Instant play casinos mean we can access real money games via our web browser, including Firefox. While the browser isn’t as popular as Chrome or Safari, it does have redeeming features which may work well for your time gaming online.

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Best Firefox online casinos

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We take a look at the features offered on Mozilla Firefox and whether or not they are compatible with Internet casino gaming.

Mozilla Firefox Flash casinos

firefox logoFirefox was developed in 2002 by the Mozilla Foundation and is available for Windows, OS X and Linux operating systems, as well as mobile platforms iOS and Android.

While Google Chrome dominates the browser market for mobile and desktop devices, Mozilla Firefox is considered the be the second best desktop browser, according to statistics tool StatCounter.

Firefox instant play casino sitesWhile it is available for mobile devices, it isn’t generally used due to Chrome being the default browser for Android devices and Safari being the default for Apple smartphones and tablets – the two biggest operating systems.

You will have to install the browser since it isn’t a default option for any device, but once you have you can open it up and head to any of the online casinos in the table above.

Just as the browser is compatible with Macs, PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets so to are all the Internet casinos so you can game at home or on the go with Mozilla Firefox.

Firefox features compatible with Flash casinos

While Firefox isn’t considered to be the most popular browser, it does have some great features which makes it a good choice for accessing no-download online casinos with.

From security to navigational tools, Mozilla Firefox makes entering financial and personal information secure and easy. There are some drawbacks, which is why many opt for Chrome and Safari, but to find the right browser review the features and see if Firefox works with your gaming needs.

  • Easy to navigate interface – Firefox isn’t as minimalistic as Chrome or Safari when you first install and open it. However, this is great for users who don’t like all the commands compiled into one, for example the search bar combined with the URL bar.The browser also offers shortcuts to all actions you may need in the three-lined horizontal drop down box. Actions include ‘Cut’, ‘Copy’, ‘New Window’, ‘Settings’, etc., making it incredibly user-friendly for those who aren’t familiar with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Firefox takes up less storage space – The latest edition of Firefox, as of early 2017, is said to only take up 91mb in comparison to Google Chrome, which takes up 406mb. This reduces disk space clutter which is why we prefer instant play casinos over downloadable clients
  • Strong performance with Flash games – Most casino games work fairly smoothly on Firefox. However, since many games have been optimised for Safari, including a lot of Net Entertainment games, you may not find them to work as well. You can still play the games on Firefox, you just may find loading times are longer and graphics don’t perform as well.This is generally a deal breaker for us, but give the browser a try and see how it performs for you.
  • Advanced security and privacy protocols – Firefox handles SSL certification incredibly well, which is extremely important when gaming and entering sensitive data. Firefox works with the online casinos which implement this security protocol – all of our recommended casinos do – to protect personal and financial information.However, privacy is what gives Firefox the edge over the other browsers. It is the only browser which is completely open source so you can’t be tracked, ensuring your information and what you do, including gaming online, is all private.

As you can see Firefox has its drawbacks, including it lagging in the performance category compared to other browsers, but it also has its advantages over other browsers, including advanced privacy features. If you’re looking for the best browser for gaming, try out Firefox with one of the secure web casinos above to see how it works for you.

Firefox mobile casinos

Firefox can be installed on Apple, Android, Windows and other smartphone and tablets to be used as the mobile browser. It doesn’t come pre-installed on devices, which is why it doesn’t make the cut as a popular browser for portable devices.

Regardless, Firefox is suited and can be used to access mobile versions of our favourite Internet sites. There are a number of features which Firefox offers for mobile devices which enhance gameplay, including:

  • Increased screen space – The menu bars disappear when you scroll, so as you look through the mobile casino catalogues you will have more space to view the games.
  • Request Desktop Site – This feature is why we like Firefox for mobile gaming. Since online casino software providers have only optimised a limited number of their games for mobile devices, requesting the desktop site means we can get more games on our portable devices. However, many mobile casinos have prevented this option.

Chat with friends via Firefox while playing real money games

This feature is exclusive to Firefox and is an incredibly social option for those planning to game online.

Click the smiley face icon to get started – create an account and head to the web page of choice. Then add your friend and you can view the same page – the online casino of your choice – and you can chat and play at the same time.

Our favourite Internet site to visit via Firefox is Raging Bull Casino, our top-rated casino site for players from United States, which offers a great no-downloads, instant-play platform with hundreds of casino games.