Lucky Perth punter takes Crown to the poker cleaners

Nigel Williams Australia poker

Nigel Williams
Nigel Williams, a 45 year old father of two, has walked out of Crown Perth as a millionaire.
YOU don’t normally associate a $10 bet at a casino with walking out with $2.7 million unless it’s a heist.

But one Perth man has made every punters dream seem like a reality after placing a $10 bet playing Texas Hold’em.

Nigel Williams, a father of two, told 6iX host Tim Gossage he was in disbelief when the cashier asked him if he’d like cash or cheque.

“Geez, I should have brought a bigger bag,” the lucky punter quickly replied.

He went on to tell Gossage that he had been playing roulette, but switched to the popular variation of poker, where he was faced with the option of a $5, $10 or $15 bet to activate the jackpot feature.

“I just put down a $10 jackpot,” he told the radio station.

“If it is a $5 jackpot and you get a royal flush you win $1.8 million, if it is $10 it is $2.8 million, and $15 it is $3.8 million, so a couple of people have already asked why I wasn’t betting $15.

“On the sixth hand that I was playing I got a royal flush.”

“There was nobody else playing it was just me,” he said laughing.

“They brought me 27 $100,000 chips and I took them to the cashier and they said ‘would you like cash or cheque, sir’ and I looked at them and said ‘geez I should have brought a bigger bag’.”

Williams, 45, said he would save the money and would continue working in his position as a Director of a golf course management company.

“I’ve got the greatest job in Australia — so what I will do is semi-retire, I’ll work five days instead of seven, and I’ll put the money in the bank,” he said.

“I’m not going to do anything until March.”

Crown Perth has been hit hard by the game in recent times, with it being reported another punter had won over $1 million, a week earlier.

Australians can currently play at online poker room PokerStars with several games featuring bonuses that can win players in excess of $1 million AUD.

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