Affinity Gaming to reopen remaining Primm Casinos

Affinity Gaming is looking to breathe a fresh breath of life into Primm, Nevada’s dying casino industry with a series of investment. The entertainment company is set to reopen the remaining two casinos in the county, after the significant performance of Buffalo Bill Hotel Casino, one of the three casinos.

Primm, a once thriving gambling community in Nevada, saw a decline in footfall after bigger tribal casinos were opened in neighboring California. Coupled with the pandemic, the county’s three casinos have been closed for more than a year. However, things began to look up after Affinity Gaming bought the casinos and spent millions on bringing it up to date.

To start things off, Affinity moved the iconic Bonnie and Clyde bullet-riddled car from Whiskey Pete, another casino hotel in Primm, to Buffalo Bill. The company launched the casino by displaying the memorabilia in the centre of the gaming floor while surrounded by Bonnie and Clyde-themed reel slot machines. As time goes, Affinity hopes to replicate the success in Buffalo Bill across the other two casino hotels in the county.

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With the new investment, the company hopes to attract more visitors to the small town with an ailing economy. Andrei Scrivens, CEO of Affinity, expressed pleasure at the positive feedback from guests as he commented: “That feedback encourages us to spend more and cater to the customer. I think there’s a nostalgia for some people with families that have gone back and forth between Las Vegas in California.”

Primm Valley General Manager Jerry West said: “At Buffalo Bill’s, we redesigned the hotel rooms and we’ve refreshed the casino floor with new carpeting and new slot machines with the newest game themes. We’re in the process of adding new restaurants. Our customers will be impressed with the changes.”

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