Things land-based casinos could learn from iGaming

Things land-based casinos could learn from iGaming

Land-based casinos offer an entertainment and social element to the gambling realm, but thanks to live dealer online titles and the ability to open a separate tab with Youtube while playing, Internet casinos are catching up in that department. Interestingly, we think it’s actually the brick and mortar venues that are falling behind in comparison to their online counterparts.

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We have taken a look at all things iGaming and what players can get if they choose to play online instead of offline. Remember, it’s important to play at a regulated and secure online casino, such as the many we recommend, to get the best possible experience when playing your favourite casino games.

Online casinos are convenient and flexible

One of our favourite things about Internet gaming establishments is that they can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime. While we acknowledge that going to a land-based casino can be exciting, it takes a lot of organisation, a lot of money and not just in terms of our bankroll but more so for travel expenses, and you need to have the time to actually get there and play because it can be quite tie consuming in just getting there unless you live at a brick and mortar casino.

Regardless if you live in a city with an actual casino or if you are hours and hours away, you still have to organise when you are going to go, though the latter does require a little bit more organisation including accommodation and sometimes even flights. Playing online only requires a computer, smartphone, or tablet and an Internet connection. This means players can play at anytime, even on their lunch break mid-week.

Any organisation generally contributes to travel expenses including taxis, hotels, any food and drinks, and other sneaky incurred costs, when heading to a land-based casino. Playing online means you don’t have to pay to get there, you only need to sign up or login, you can get food from your own pantry, and you can play from your own bed free of charge anytime, even just before you go to sleep. This means all that money you have spent just to get to the land-based venue can be saved and spent on gameplay instead.

While land-based casinos can generally be accessed at all hours of the day due to 24 hour venues in operation, it isn’t always convenient for us to go and play. Online casinos offer that flexibility however, in that you can play a hand of blackjack if you get a spare five minutes in your day. Some land-based venues could counteract this by offering an online casino, though many can’t due to the legislation in place.

Internet casino games have a lower house edge

It’s very expensive to run a land-based casino. They have to pay wages to their staff, allocate funds for entertainment, and employ both physical security and technological security measures just to maintain a standard operation. At the end of the day, these venues are still businesses and operate with the main aim of making a profit.

To counteract these expenses, land-based casinos generally have a higher house edge attached to their games in comparison to their online counterparts, as it is a lot cheaper for Internet casinos to operate as they do not have all these added elements which incur costs. So when playing our favourite games such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette and more online, we are getting games which have a lower house advantage – meaning we are more likely to win.

While land-based casinos can’t really stop paying wages in order to offer a lower house edge on their games, they could look into other avenues of making a profit in order to at least withstand their online competition because obviously a better chance of winning is going to have our attention. Additionally, if you are playing at a land-based venue you can play certain games, such as blackjack, strategically in order to lower the house edge and the strategy can be found online – but be sure you are learning the correct strategy in association with the rules.

Online welcome bonuses and promotions

An additional aspect which Internet casinos can offer due to their savings on overhead costs is welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions. Reputable Internet casinos offer new players a welcome bonus, just for signing up and making a deposit with them. When you walk into a land-based venue, at best you might be greeted with a smile and an ID check, and if you’re in the know the chance to sign up to the player’s club.

There is no option to make a certain amount of deposits, or even deposit over a certain amount, and in return be rewarded for it like there is online. For example, all of our recommended online casinos allow players to sign up easily by entering a few details, make the required number of deposits (some require just one, others require three or so) and in turn these players will be rewarded with matched deposits of up to a certain amount.

Some of our favourite online casinos offer over $1000 in matched deposits, which can be very beneficial if you are planning to play regularly. Welcome bonuses aren’t the only thing online casinos offer in terms of rewards, with ongoing promotions, limited bonuses, daily specials and more available for players. These include free spins, entry into draws, the chance to win sports cars and holidays, and a lot more.

With all the money land-based casinos make (even after expenses) we don’t see why they can’t offer welcome bonuses to new players, perhaps giving them something more than just a card when they sign up to the player’s club, as well as ongoing promotions to all players – not just high rollers.

More deposit options available online

There are quite a number of convenient online deposit options in comparison to the limited number available at land-based casinos. While physical venues mainly accept cash, requiring players to have the cash on them or track down an ATM in the building (which can be difficult in some countries since legislation states that these machines need to be out of sight when gambling to encourage responsible gambling) which can take time and be somewhat frustrating.

Online operators offer a number of different methods with at least one bound to suit. These include debit and credit, bank transfers, pre-paid services, and e-wallets and provided you are playing at a regulated and trustworthy Internet casino, such as the many we recommend, then all deposits are safe.

Maybe one day we will be able to transfer funds via our smartphone to a dealer’s account in order to play at land-based casinos, but for now if we prefer electronic means of deposits, playing on the Web is much better suited to our needs.

Try casino games before you buy

Online casinos offer a try before you buy feature with their free play mode on all of their games with few exclusions. Land-based venues do not offer this feature, unless a dealer is bored and has no one at their table and therefore they may allow you to play before you put some chips down, but this is quite rare.

Playing online means you can find your favourite game in terms of your own personal preferences before you actually spend any money. While we know playing with real money is a lot more thrilling, trying the game out can actually help your overall experience – especially if you are deciding between a few titles created by different software providers.

Less likely to be distracted or intimidated when playing online

When you enter the hustle and bustle of a land-based casino it can be quite overwhelming if you aren’t use to it as a new player. Boisterous players, loud entertainment, male-dominated tables, attractive dealers, over-confident friends and much much more, at land-based casinos can be many player’s kryptonite.

When playing online, the only distractions we have are the ones we have created ourselves that can be altered to suit our gameplay needs. For example, if the TV doesn’t bode well when playing an intense game of online poker then all we have to do is turn it off. The less distractions the better, regardless the level you are at when playing casino games because it is less challenging to make informed and intelligent decisions.

Another aspect to playing real money casino games on the Internet is it’s a lot easier for new players to get their head around casino games without having that intimidation factor that land-based venues can have. When trying to learn a new game, any intimidation from experienced players can put a new player off. Playing online removes the chance for any other players to be intimidating allowing you to get your head around the game easily and grow confident at your own pace.

Land-based casinos could offer beginner tables for new players in order to offer the same type of services that online casinos offer, though whether this is a viable option or not is another issue, so we recommend sticking to playing online if you are susceptible to intimidation or being overwhelmed.

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