Mount Airy Casino PA charged for allowing kids to gamble

Mount AIry Casino charged for letting kids gamble

Mount AIry Casino charged for letting kids gamble

The Mount Airy Casino Resort has been sanctioned by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) for granting access to underage individuals.

The PGCB had previously relayed information on the security incompetence of the popular casino resort. The gambling regulatory body stated that the casino had on multiple occasions allowed underage individuals to engage in gambling activities on the casino floor.

The individuals in question were an 18-year-old male, who had gambled at two different slot machines, and claimed he had wrongly accessed the casino floors.

The second individual was an 11-year-old girl who had been seen engaged in 10 different slot machines and cashing out multiple vouchers in clear view of her guardians.

The last case were 13-year-old twin girls, who had gambled on multiple slot machines with their guardians. All of these acts were performed before the intervention of the Mount Airy Casino security personnel.

Regarding the financial sanctions placed on Mount Airy Casino, the PGCB had not been clear on whether the charges would also be against the guardians of the three underage girls who had gambled in the casino.

The PGCB is responsible for supervising all operations conducted in every gambling house, online and land-based, in Pennsylvania. This regulatory body has succeeded in continually regulating and making sure the stipulated gambling laws are upheld in all 16 land-based casinos as well as online casino games, retail and online sports betting, fantasy sports tournaments, and also video gaming terminals at approved truck stops.

Although the PGCB has charged Mount Airy Casino with a fine of $160,000 for underage gambling, the regulatory body has also issued another sanction of $100,825 to the casino. This fine was imposed due to the casino’s failure to cooperate with license regulatory laws.

The Mount Airy casino had been charged with not filing 32 corporate or renewal individual applications before the mandated deadline. According to the board, a required condition related to Mount Airy No. 1 LLC’s slot machine license was not certified since they were unable to obtain the re-licensing of one individual.

On Wednesday, a Mount Airy Casino spokeswoman said they would honor all official sanctions and penalties delivered to it by the Pennsylvania regulatory body. Simultaneously, the company would also learn from this experience and make sure to uphold regulations and laws in the future to ensure safe gambling in the casino.

“The ownership of Mount Airy Casino Resort respects the decision of the Gaming Board and we are always working towards further improving our processes,” she said.

On multiple occasions in the past, the Mount Airy Casino received several fines and sanctions for disregarding safety and regulatory gambling law, including $250,000 in 2019 for providing a patron with too much alcohol, which led to him driving intoxicated and killing a jogger.

In 2020, the popular gambling company was charged $20,000 for providing more than the legally mandated amount of free slot play to players .

As stated by the law, every casino in Pennsylvania is mandated to perform a thorough identification process before allowing any individual to access the casino premises. The identification process ensures that banned individuals and underage people are not allowed into the casino.

To further ensure gambling safety, all land-based casinos residing in Pennsylvania are mandated to display at the casino entrance an informative template that prohibits underage individuals (ages below 21) from gambling.

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